Friday, February 19, 2010

Arctic Man and the trapline..........

My boys and our "Trapline"!
I had a ton of fun running a trapline of sorts out in Bethel. Unfortunately, we had to sell our snowmachine when we moved to Fairbanks. We plan on getting another in a year or two after we get into a new home here. In the meantime, we decided it was time to get a trapline going around our home. What is it that we trap you ask?????? PESKY VOLES!!!! We set up about 10 traps and after they had robbed our bait....them voles is smart! We altered our tactics and Dad pulled some tricks out of his sleeve and Voila.......SUCCESS.

Chancey and the 3 Voles getting some personal time..................

Hunter and the 3 voles..........note what Hunter calls the "DADDY VOLE" in his left hand.
Nice work Huntoo!

ME and my BOYS!!!
This is what it is all about.

Hunter and I had been planning a night out in the cabin during the winter. We waited until we got a stretch of good weather......a balmy 2 degrees above zero. Shorts and sandal weather I have always said.
Arctic got nothin on me and Huntoo!

Chance was gonna sleep out with us, but when he saw how cold it was outside he decided he would "stay inside and protect Momma". Way to take one for the team Chance. I got Hunter situated in his -20 bag with some toe warmers and some blankets. Other than an icy face and frost all over the inside of the cabin we slept snug as a bug.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some Things Never Change

I can hardly be upset about something like this.....

or this.
When I did something like this......

(Gina, Rosy, and Me, circa 1984 in our downstairs unfinished basement Denver, CO)

and this
(Ben and Me probably '84 also)
Some Things Never Change!