Wednesday, March 21, 2012

You never know what this kid will say next!

I have had the privilege of staying at home for part of everyday this year ALONE with Chance. He truly is a wild card and you never know what he will say or do. With that being said, I love this guy to pieces and wouldn't trade him for the world. I have a couple of little "stories" that I have to share so that they are documented somewhere for us to remember.

Story #1

Occasionally in the morning instead of putting on exercise clothes, I will just throw on some socks and tennis shoes with my pajamas. On this morning in particular I had on these purple flannel shirt/pant pajamas with bright colorful polka dots all over them. I did my walk on the treadmill and then had a full day planned. I was hosting book group at my house that night and so I had some vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping etc... planned. Rather than get showered and then cleaned I just kept my jammies and tennis shoes on. Chance helped out a little and then played and watched cartoons. After I was done with my work, I needed to get the refreshments made and in the fridge. I invited Chance to come sit on the counter and help me run the kitchen aid mixer and dig out the marshmallow cream for the fruit dip. (He loves to have licks of anything with sugar in it.) So he plopped himself on the counter and he turned the mixer up and down the different speeds, taste tested a little for me, watched me cut up some fruit, etc... We were laughing and talking...then he says to me,
"Women are worthless!"
I laughed to myself a little wondering where that statement would come from. KNOWING that Kelly would never say anything like that- and I replied,
"What? Why would you say that?"
He looks me up and down and says,
"I mean, take a look at yourself!"

I just laughed and laughed.
Of course then I said, "What do you mean, is it because it is after noon and I'm still in my pajamas with my tennis shoes, and I haven't brushed my hair OR teeth.
Chance said, "Ya!"

I had to call Kelly and immediately he was laughing, he asked the same thing I did. "Where did he get that from?"
We've been laughing and joking about it ever since then.

Story #2

We were on our way out the door to go pick up Hunter from school. Chance stepped out into the garage and was hanging onto the door jamb while he reached for his coat. I saw that he was out, and didn't even think to look at his hand and I pulled the door shut. Immediately he is in tears, but then he turns to me and says, "See, I told you you were a bad Mom!"

My Little Leprechauns

It was spring break week, and we had fun the first couple of days but then we got sick. So, on Friday instead of going to the ice park (as planned) we stayed home and did St. Patrick's Day arts and crafts.
It had been a while since I had done anything super crafty with the boys. I guess just because we have been busy with other things, and Chance is doing "reading lessons" everyday, so it just has become A LOT to do the extras. (For both of us!) AND Hunter is really thinking he is TOO COOL for stuff like that anymore. However, I persuaded them that it would be fun.

I asked the boys to smile for these pictures and this is what I got from them. I guess this is their "happy leprechaun" look. They thought they were funny!
I was so proud of myself because I actually came up with this rainbow project on my own, without any prompting from someone else's blog. (It has been a long time since I've come up with my own ideas!)
I guess it was a mosaic of sorts. I just cut lots of squares of each rainbow color and had them glue the squares on the corresponding color line.
Then we added the cloud and the pot of gold. Taa Daa!
I did get the leprechaun idea from a blog...couldn't tell you where. But the boys had lots of fun with them. The hair was supposed to go all around the face and chin to be a beard too, but neither of them had that in their game plan. I like how Chance (above) put bangs on his guy.
This is Hunter's rainbow (above) and leprechaun (below). It is also fun to see how they did the faces on their leprechauns. Chance's originally didn't have teeth on it, but when he saw what Hunter did- he decided that his needed teeth as well.
We decided after the fact that we really needed a stick on the back so we could have masks.
Turned out pretty cute if you ask me.
On St. Patrick's Day the boys found our "magic treasure box" hidden in Natalie's room full of fun green stuff. They had Green pringles, Green Skittles, Green Wintogreen mints, sugar snap peas, and a big box of Lucky Charms.
Lucky Charms is the breakfast of Champions, and that is what we had.
This is a picture of our annual "green dinner" (these guys can't just smile they have to be goofy. It's fun!) We had broccoli, and ALL GREEN salad (only green veggies in it), and Chicken Pesto Pasta. For dessert we had our Rolo "Pot O' Gold".
Always a fun day for our family!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lots to catch up on, AND being HUGE!!!

For Valentine's Day this year, we kept up with our usual traditions. The house was dressed in hearts of every size, style, and shape. We also did our yearly hearts for each family member and added them to the wall, which is always fun. The boys each got their BIG Hershey kisses from Mom and Dad, and we had a "Valentiney" breakfast of pancakes. I also did personal size heart shaped pizzas for dinner. It was a fun day!
The two little boys I love so much!
Chance enjoys eating- a LOT. He doesn't love the sit down meals though, he much prefers to be a grazer. So, after I force him to eat his breakfast he usually "sneaks" some other type of food. He often asks to dip his finger in the peanut butter, and occasionally I will let him while I'm making Hunter's lunch.
On this day in particular, he didn't ask for any peanut butter but I had left it sitting on the counter while I went and showered. When I came downstairs, this is what I found....
Probably a fourth of the jar had been consumed, and then he wondered why he had a tummy ache later on???
I guess he got his fat and protein in for the day- or for several days.
Hunter had a little loose tooth that I would occasionally check in on. You would imagine as I sneaked a peak in his mouth one day, the surprise I felt when I saw a new tooth growing behind the loose baby tooth. I was excited, and so was he but he wasn't so anxious to pull it out. So, we let it stay in a week or two before I couldn't stand to NOT pull it out. I persuaded poor Hunter that the baby tooth needed to be pulled and that it wouldn't hurt too bad, so he let me do it!
So, we got it out! You can hardly notice that the guy lost a tooth though, because the other one is so big in its place already. It was exciting for Hunter and the tooth fairy gave him a dollar- which was cool too.
Last but not least....I turned 33 yesterday, I also had an "almost 35 weeks along" Dr.'s appt. (This is what I look like) I have been feeling very big, although I'm feeling like I'm not completely disgusting...YET! But, the measurements say I'm measuring a week and a half bigger (she said that could be because of the positioning of baby), but also she did a little impromptu ultra-sound and couldn't find Natalie's head. That maybe sounds a little shocking to have a baby without a head, but don't be scared. I guess her head is down sooo LOOOWWW that she couldn't even get a picture of it.
**This may be my first cone head baby, I'm a little nervous :) **