Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chancey and his devotion to "Babies"!!

Sorry this post will not have any photos but I thought you all might enjoy hearing of my son's antics at the gymnastics gym playtime hour. So anyone that knows Chance also knows that he loves anything with a baby in it and he goes to an incredible length to make sure that everyone around him also is aware of the "Baby". This is all great.....most of the time. Today, however, was clearly not one of those days. So at the gym they were loaded to capacity. There were about 30 people (Moms, Dads, and kids) playing all over the gym equipment, pads, etc. One woman was of the school of breastfeeding that just likes to whip out the boob with only the kids mouth acting as a "pasty" if you will. No blanket, no towel, NOTHING. Most of the guys are now uncomfortably gravitating to the polar opposite of the room as their comfort level so dictated (myself included). Chance was having none of this. In fact, not only was he ramming the lady's knee with a procured tricyle but he was pointing and shrieking "BABY!! BABY!! BABY!!". From a distance, trying to give the woman as much privacy as I could and under the eyes of everyone in the place, I attempted to retrieve my son from about 10 feet away. No......not happening. My approach seemed only to motivate my son to a fever pitch of trying to alert me of the feeding "Baby!". Finally, when all other attempts had sailed into oblivion. I approached and reached down to grab Chance. Well, at this precise moment the "BABY!!", decided to detach and leave me with a face full of milk dripping nipple. NICE. I think I will let my wife do gym next time.

In case anyone was wondering this was posted by Kelly not Tammy

Friday, January 16, 2009

Cheers to Grandpa McGee

We have all been under the weather with the flu at our house. So, I stocked up on some Gatorade and Chicken Noodle Soup. (Our kids won't do Pedialyte). Kelly was especially sick one day and so we got some Blue Ice (or Frost, can't remember) Gatorade out and immediately Chancey wanted some. Not because he was necessarily thirsty, but because of its familiarity.
When we went home last summer to Idaho to visit family, we stayed with Kelly's family part of the time. Lemar, Kelly's Dad has cancer and drinks a lot of this blue Gatorade. One time Lemar let Chance taste his blue Gatorade, and I guess he liked it. He must have remembered that he liked it, and when we got ours out he HAD to have some.
Chance has a cute little bond with Kelly's dad, this drink, and he also loves it when Grandpa gives him a little pat and rub on the head when he passes by him. It is sweet! We know Chance loves Grandpa McGee.

We gave him several refills and he slurped it right up!

Cheers Grandpa McGee!!!!

A Boys Best Friend

Grandpa and Gee Gee have given each of the boys a stuffed "Cabelas" dog for their Christmas present when they were each 1 1/2. They both loved their dogs and love to snuggle and sleep with them. The other night I went in to check on them before I went to sleep, and this is what I found.
Hunter and Douglas

Chance and Chena
Someday we will have a real puppy or two, but for now these are perfect!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Few Fun Moments

I thought I would share a few fun moments that my boys have given to me.

Hunter got a "danger" for Christmas, and Chance did not. I didn't think he would care or be interested, but he has been. The last few days he has been creating his own "dangers". One day he put two or three mega blocks together and were pointing them and making a shooting sound. Yesterday, he was walking around with a medicine drop syringe, and a toy nail put together making the same sort of shooting sound. He is so funny! Kelly finally gave in and bought Chance a "danger" at the store last night. Chance was so excited to get one, and then the rest of the night the boys ran around the house playing ARMY! So, I'm sure you can guess my next sewing project, as requested by my husband.....ARMY outfits. So, I am now armed with my 40% off coupon and on my way to JoAnn's to buy a pattern and fabric for my two man army.

Two days ago we woke up a little earlier than usual to go take a look at a house we might be interested in renting. The house was a no go, but we decided to take the boys out for breakfast. The food was yummy, but Hunter really didn't want to eat. He said his tummy was full. We forced him to have 6 or 7 bites, but other than that he didn't want anything to do with his food. Next, we headed to the Gym to let the boys play on the mats with the balls, ramps, scooters etc... They had a fun time, especially cause Dad was right there playing with them. Then we were ready to stop at the post office and head for home. We were almost to the post office when Kelly said, "Hunter just puked!" Well, I hadn't heard anything, but I turned around and sure enough....YUCK! I had a couple of napkins, and then kleenex, so I went for it. Hunter said, "I think there were yucky things in my tummy." He wanted a drink, but I didn't have one, so I told him we would be home in a minute. About 5 minutes into the drive home, he did it again, and I totally didn't hear it again. Kelly just said, "Tam, he did it again." So I leaned back with my ever so thick and sturdy kleenex and started catching the throw up. Poor Hunter!!! He had it all over his coat, shirt, pants, car seat, and on Daddy's back seat. (Fortunately I had given him a blanket for the bench seat for just this reason, for Christmas) While we finished the drive home, Hunter said, "I just went bloop, blurp, and all this yucky stuff started coming out my throat and mouth." (He has only thrown up one other time when he was 1 1/2 and he doesn't remember that, so this was a new experience for him.) He is feeling better now, but is a little timid about eating.

I ended up feeling sick around 4:30 am the morning after Hunter was sick. I got up and was sure I was going to lose my dinner. So, I had a little sip of Coke and some Saltines that Kelly got for me when he came out to check on me. It seemed to settle me a little, so I headed back to bed but still felt a little yucky. I was freezing so Kel snuggled me, and I said, "UGGGH, I don't think I can be the mom today!" With that in mind, Kelly most willingly called into work and took the day off for me....heck, he doesn't even do that for himself! Nice, huh? Anyway, the sweetest part of my whole sick day happened around 10:00 am when Kel and the boys came walking into the room where I was sleeping. Kelly said, "Sorry to bug you, but Hunter is really worried about you." Hunter climbed up onto the bed and rubbed my head and my cheek and said, "Mom, are you going to be okay? I want you to feel better cause I love you." I assured him that I would be okay and he and Chancey gave me kisses and hugs and then let me rest for another hour. It was so nice. My boys are very sweet, and I feel so blessed to have all three of them.

Well, those are my fun stories for my post this week. I got a new camera for Christmas so I am learning the ins and outs of it, and then I also got Photoshop Elements, so be patient with me while I get my technological skills dusted off.