Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10 Months Old!!

We can't believe Natalie is 10 months already!  Where does the time go?  Natalie continues to be a delight in  our home, again, even when she was sick this month (double ear infection) we didn't have a clue that she was miserable.  Well, she was semi-miserable in the night with a fever, but still we didn't know why she had a fever and she was so sweet during the day.  Kelly teases that she has his temperament.
 We took these pictures when it was nap time, so they were quick and this is what I got.  She really wanted to hold the camera and look at the pictures.
 Natalie started out this month saying ba ba, but quickly it discovered how to say ma ma and those words  continue to be her favorites.  I have heard her say da da a few times also, but is more rare.  It is fun to hear her little voice singing and talking now.
 Natalie has 6 1/2 teeth 
4 1/2 on top and 2 on bottom
(she's getting 1 of her canine teeth)
 Natalie is so ticklish, it makes me laugh when I tickle her.  She is especially ticklish on her thighs and her hips.
 She continues to be a GREAT eater and loves a little of everything you give her.  We did find one favorite though... HOT DOGS!!  I realize that feeding my daughter hot dogs (chopped up into  tiny pieces of course) is not going to win me any kind of  Mother of the Year Awards, but she can eat one whole hot dog in a sitting.  And then, she will sleep ALL NIGHT LONG!!
I won't make a habit of feeding her hot dogs, I just happened to have an unopened package of them in the freezer from this summer- so we gave them a whirl!
*Note* I don't like hot dogs- I eat them a couple of times a year usually.  But, when I was pregnant with her- I craved corn dogs like no ones business- maybe that is where she developed her taste for them**
 Chance and Natalie continue to have a Love/Hate relationship- but she loves him in these pictures where he is feeding her some cheerios.
 Natalie has discovered the lid drawer- and LOVES to get all the lids out.
She doesn't like to put them back in- surprise!  She likes to put the clear lids up to her face and she can see through them and the world looks red or blue.  She has also started liking to bang things together and make noises- she is so proud of herself.

 Natalie got a treat for Superbowl Sunday- her first lollipop.  It was great!
Height 2 feet 4 1/2 inches (68%)
Weight 17 lbs 5 oz (14%)
*Apparently she lost weight while she was sick*