Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Paige's Story

On March 25th I woke up having contractions on and off, and thought for sure that today would be the day Paige was born.  I got up in the morning and helped get Hunter and Chance off for school with the help of Geek and Dad and then we decided to go for a walk at the big dipper.  They always say walking will help induce labor, and because Paige was already 3 days late, I wanted to get her out of my tummy and into my arms.

So, we loaded Natalie up into the car and all 4 of us went walking.  The whole time we were walking I was timing contractions, but they weren't consistent so I wasn't even sure that they were even real.  I thought maybe I was just achy.  Anyway, I thought if nothing else, I would get some good exercise.  

When we got home from walking it was about lunch time, so we sat down and rested and Daddy made me some lunch.  So, I just ate my sandwich on the couch and took it easy while Natalie and Geek took a nap.  I did decide I was tired and wasn't really feeling any contractions anymore, so I went up to rest and read in my bed.  About 5 minutes after I laid down I started feeling like I was having contractions again.  So I read and breathed through the contractions.  Soon, I heard the boys arrive home from school and Dad brought them upstairs and tried to trick them and say I already had the baby.  His trick worked for a second, but then the boys figured it out.  

I decided to get out of bed, and just as I got up the contractions stopped again.  I was so mad!  I thought for sure Paige was going to be born that day, and now I had no contractions again.  The other funny thing is that Geek had to leave to go home in 2 more days, and we really needed her there to help with the other kids.  I also thought maybe Geek thought I was being crazy saying I was having contractions, but they wouldn't stay....

Anyhow, I was so mad that I had stopped having contractions again, so I got the vacuum, hauled it upstairs and vacuumed the whole house!!!  And guess what? It worked!!!  My contractions came back harder and longer, and more consistent.  I was pretty sure I was really in labor now, but I didn't want to rush into the hospital too soon because I didn't want to look dumb if I wasn't really in labor.  So, I waited a little while and helped Geek get bean burritos ready for dinner.  I even ate one just for some energy and protein in case I really was going to deliver this little baby girl tonight.

Around 7:30 or so, I told Dad that I thought we should head to the hospital.  So, we said goodbye and good night to Hunter, Chance, Natalie, and Geek.  It was our last time being a family of 5, because Paige would be here soon.  

When we arrived at the hospital, they admitted us and we went up to the room where they took all my information, and I got changed into a hospital gown.  Our Dr. Hogensen came in and broke my water and said it would be a little while, because I was only at a 7. She was surprised when I asked her if I could walk around a little bit to speed things up.  So Dad and I walked the halls and would stop every few minutes to have a big contraction.  Before long, I felt like I could push so we went and got our nurse and told her it was time.  So, she told me to climb on the table and she would hook me back up to the machines.  I got on the table and I told her like I felt that I could push.  She looked at Daddy and then smiled, and I pushed!  And I pushed her head right out!!!  She hurried and called the Nursery and our doctor, because two seconds later out popped Paige.  Dad said you just slid right out and it was a good thing the nurse caught you.   You were a big baby at 8 lbs 10 oz. 20 1/2 inches!  Born at 10:49 pm with blue eyes, and lots of brown curly mohawk hair!

Right after you were born, the Doctor came in and realized that she had missed the whole delivery.  The nursery team came in and were so surprised that you came so fast.  Our good friend Ginger Day got to help weigh and measure you, it was fun to have her there.

 My Sweet girl!
 Look at that hair!
We were all in love with our newest family member!

 Your sweet little "going home" outfit that I chose for you.
We named you Paige, because we liked the name, and your middle name Evelyn is after Daddy's grandma Evelyn Tibbitts.
You were a pretty mellow little baby who loved to cuddle and hug, and loved to nurse!
We Love You Paige Evelyn McGee!!
Our lives would never be the same without you.