Monday, January 3, 2011

We had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

December was so much fun but tends to be a little exhasting!
(Both boys sound asleep on the floor after a late night)

The boys started the month off by having a sleep over in the craft room.
They LOVE having sleepovers, and always bring Chena and Douglas along.
Oh, Christmas tree!
We LOVE fresh trees for Christmas, but they don't seem to last long enough.
They sure do smell good though.
We endured some cold temps. in December, but found ways to stay warm.

We did a few Christmas crafts here and there to get into the spirit.

And of course, we drove up the road to see good Ol' Santa
Hunter asked for an ax and a spear (nerf style) and Chance asked for race cars and a hammerhead shark.

The night that Geek came to visit, we were all pitching in to clean up our house. However, Chance didn't want to do his share so he got supervised toilet duty!
(He did a darn good job too)

We saved making and decorating sugar cookies for when Geekarama showed up. This is McGee family tradition from Kelly's side. So, we ate and decorated and ate, ate, ate. YUMMY!

All of Kelly's cookies were very artistic and included Dodger or Bronco Logos made out of sprinkles.

" favorite!"

I got to be Chancey's lovely assistant.
When I was done helping him frost, I let him at it with the sprinkling part of things.
He went a little wild!!!!
Or maybe REALLY wild!!!

Only in Alaska would this girl go out of the house like

Christmas Eve was lovely, filled with Christmas crab, baked potatoes, virgin strawberry daquiris and a big yummy veggie tray.

Kelly and Marianne

Huntoo and Dad
Chanceroni and Da being pigs

McGee Family 2010

Hunter is a crab eating machine

Geek doesn't really like having to work so hard for her dinner.

"Break that leg!"

As tradition would have it, Grandma Briner sent the boys new jammy bottoms.
Chance had "Cars" on his

Hunter had "Wow Wow Wubzy" shapes on his

Christmas morning is always so much fun with our two little guys.
But, after Santa gifts were sifted through we had a furry surprise for the boys.
We made them shut their eyes while we put these on their heads:
Made from fox that Kelly trapped in Bethel.
Chance loves being Buzz flying all over the house.

Isn't it funny how kids want to sleep with their new toys.
Hunter slept with his Ax

Chance slept with his Mace

Several days after Christmas we decided to build a town out of the new Lincoln Logs, and then some tinker toys and legos. It was great until Hunter bombed EVERYTHING!

Kelly and I being a little "FOXY"

We had to make sure we got a picture of Marianne in a fur.
The boys keeping the trapper spirit alive!

Marianne took these pictures of the boys. I think she couldn't believe that I was letting the boys wear these hats in public.

Hunter wore his hat into Wal-Mart and got a zillion compliments on the hat.
It was a hit!
We wanted to do something different for New Years, so we went to a hotel just down the hill from us and went swimming, hot tubbing, and playing.
It was great! We ate Chinese food for dinner, watched a few fireworks out our hotel window, and went to sleep. It was a great way to bring in the new year.
Geek and Her Guys!

Geek and Her Guys
The Formal Version
We loved having Marianne her for Christmas, it made it feel more Christmas like since it is about family and love. She was a good sport and endured the cold, the dark, and two rowdy boys.