Monday, August 24, 2009

This One Can Go In The Record Books!!

It was a nice peaceful Sunday evening. Chance was tired for lack of nap, so while we waited for the lasagna to cook, I let him take a little rest on me. It was sweet and SWEATY!
Chance is a HOT sleeper.
It was nice to have some quiet time together before this happened.........
Yes, look at that!!!! One big whoppin' goose egg!!

It looks like he has an extra piece of bone on his head from this view.

So, here is the story. Chance and Hunter were playing superheroes. Chance was spiderman, with a cool outfit and mask on. Well, Chance was running full speed ahead into his bedroom when he tripped over the legs of the costume (it is too big for him), and slid into the leg of the bed, right on the corner.
Kelly was in the room when it happened, but thought that he just bonked his head a little bit, but when the cries came out they proved to be something more than a little bonk. Kelly took of the mask, and it was AMAZING! Really, we have never seen someone's head get so big, so fast.
It was really so sad!
Later, after he calmed down and rested for a minute we took him to the bathroom mirror so he could see the damage. The look on his face was PRICELESS! It was the "Oh my word, I am so embarrased by this huge knot on my head, what am I going to do? There is no way I can go out in public" sort of look. He really looked disgusted with himself.
He looked up from the mirror still mad and we smiled and he started laughing, and looking in the mirror some more.
He seems to have recovered okay. He points at it and touches it occasionally, it really is still quite big. And I really do think this one is for the record books!

No Girls Allowed....Except for House Cleaning Purposes!!!!!

PRESENTING.....The log cabin that Kelly built!

Complete with door, two windows, a wood floor, and a non-leaking roof.

Time for a Camp Out!
Complete with Ramen Noodles cooked on the propane stove.


What a handsome husband I have, and so talented too!
(He had a Mountain House meal instead of Ramen)

After dinner and some hot chocolate, the boys got Jammied up and we arranged the floor pad and sleeping bags.
Look how happy they are!

Daddy and Chance getting ready to get snugged down for the night.
(Note the window to the right, it is a REAL window with plexiglass framed in)

Warm and snuggy!

My three little campers
They told stories and made jokes, and had a great night. They fell asleep and stayed nice an warm. The only negative comment I heard was from Kelly and it was, "I don't think that cabin is made for a me to sleep in." He was pretty sore and tired the next day.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fun Times At Chena Lakes

My friend Lora called and invited us to go to the lake. It wasn't the most gorgeous, warmest day to go, but we still had fun.
Hunter rode the Alligator
Chance shoveled the sand, and filled several buckets.

This is FUN!!!
We did have fun in the water too. However, it was just a little cooler than we like.

This is Lora with her twins Hayden and Canyon.
She is amazing and just goes about life as usual, even with twins.
Nothing stops this girl!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One of our Blueberry Picking Trips

Here are a few pictures from one of our blueberry picking trips.
All in all we gathered about 3 gallons of blueberries all together. We are glad they freeze so well, so that we can enjoy them year round.

Chance is really good at picking the berries as long as they go straight to his mouth!

Daddy and his boys

Momma and her boys

Pickin' Pickin' Pickin
We love to pick blueberries!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

And you thought Alaskans were WEIRD!?!

I admit that I knew Alaskans and had Canadian roomates who were completely weird.
I think about those people often and now wonder if we are the weirdos :)

Gardening in our underwear, ankle socks, and tennis shoes with a plastic spoon.

Constructing with a pee diaper, NO socks, and crazy crooked goggles.

We might be weird, crazy Alaskans, but we sure do have fun!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gone Campin'

I have to start my blog with this picture even though it happened at the END
of our camping trip after we got home.
Chance is not really peeing, seeing that he isn't potty trained.
Maybe he is thinking that it would be very cool to pee outside though.
We hadn't officially gone camping this year, so we decided we needed to hurry and do it because our summer is quickly going to turn to fall.
We saw some wildlife on our trip, and Chance seemed to think this one was the most scary.

It was so funny to see him so terrified. I guess we must tell too many scary bear stories at our house.

Kelly was our camp cook. The most I ever had to do for meal prep. was boil some water.
Now that is AWESOME!!
Thanks Kel!

This was a beautiful SHALLOW lake that we camped next to, which had no fish in it.
But we did go wade in it and fill up our squirt guns.

Chance really would be outside full time if we would let him.
Brace yourselves because I am about to reveal a fun camping activity.
I drew faces, monsters, houses, people, animals and lakes on rocks and the boys
thought they had died and gone to heaven. They played with these for hours.
Kelly asked, "Why do we buy toys???"

Little Camper

He really was playing with his shadow. It was fun to watch him trying to figure it out.

Hunter was our camp musician. He got a recorder for his birthday from his friend Maren, and he really had us rockin' out to some crazy campin' tunes.

The dirty camping faces that only a mother could love.
They are so dirty, but so cute!

Hunter discovered a great love of photography while we were in the wilderness. He took LOTS of pictures.
(Another face only a mother could love.)

This is a lovely picture of the truck taken by Hunter.

Candid shot of his brother

The beautiful view

A happy Dad

We saw this caribou as we were driving out of our camping area

We had a fun time together as a family. We spent time laughing, picking berries, relaxing, telling stories, singing, and staying warm by the campfire. What a great time!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Birthday Fun With a Few Friends

On August 1st, we had a friend party for the boys at one of our favorite places...
Gym Inc.
All we had to do was invite the friends, and bring the cake and ice cream!
Chance had a really hard time deciding between a baseball cake, or a hockey cake, but ultimately ended up with an LA Dodgers Baseball cake.
He was pretty excited about it!
Hunter went with a Batman cake. He really wanted a cake with Batman's face and Batmobile on it, but we were able to help him settle for the Batman symbol...thank goodness!
We invited 8 friends, and as soon as they started arriving, we all started

The zip line was the most popular. Hunter and several others really got into character.
He was always, Batman or Spiderman.
Look at that form!

This is our friend Maren jumping off the vault into the super padded pit.

Saige landing her jump.

We could hardly believe that Chance was strong enough to hang on and go for a ride, but he LOVED it and did it again and again.

This is Ali and her cool pink motorcycle.

Adrian riding the zipline.

Adrian's little brother Bodey
(I love his hair)

Hunter's friend Marshall from church.

Hunter Carson, Kelly, and Chance on the alligator teeter-totter.
Kelly got right into playing with the kids, in fact he was sweating by the end.

Bennett and his Dad Abe.
Bennett just woke up from a nap and wasn't too sure about the whole thing.

Hunter rolling someone around.

Hunter Carson loved the car!!

Time for Cake!!!
Notice Chance just stuck his hand, and then his fork right into the cake.
In picture clockwise: Bennett, Chance, Ali, Hunter, Jensen, Saige

Maybe he thought that the traditional 1st birthday "get the cake" idea should be carried through every year.

Hunter and his good buddy Jensen waiting patiently for cake.

"I'm ready to keep eating and they lit the cake on fire....I'm mad!"

Blow out all 4 candles Hunter!

He did it again!!! Well, we all knew Chancey had good lungs anyway!

Well, it was a fun day for everyone, turning 2 and 4 isn't so bad.
I think we will go ahead and let them turn 3 and 5 next year, only next time it will be
Disneyland style! YIPEE!!!