Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sweet Start to the Last Day of School!!

Hunter woke up to a Chocolate Lover's breakfast to die for.

What a great way to start the last day of school!
Triple Chocolate Waffles with Berries on top...YUM!

The Finished Product

Here it is... the chicken coop and run area.
Kelly did a great job, and the girls seem to be happy!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Just for fun! A compilation of some fun pictures of the McGee's

These are just a few snapshots of the crazy silliness that happens at our house.  This is our life, and we are happy to be loving it.

Chance wearing Willie's snowsuit
Hunter babysitting chickens so they can have some time outside the garage.

fly baby fly!
Best kitchen helper, always there for me whether I need help or not!
Couch cushion jumping.  For those who care, the couch is history (at least from our house)
Someone at the transfer site picked it up as soon as they saw Kelly unloading it.
It was a beautiful day, 60 degrees, and we were outside playing.
Natalie thought it was great and she had the best of both worlds.

We had to dig out the snow so we could finally put the trampoline this year.
Chicken coop- finally outside.
Miss Bundles
Natalie and her friend Mary Jo enjoying some "hug time"

Puddin' Pie!

Kelly decided it was high time for Natalie to have her first pudding experience.  With his promise to clean up the mess, I gave him the go ahead.
Here she goes......

It was fun, and messy.  The best part though was when she picked up the bowl and put it over her face so she could lick pudding straight from the source.

Nattle's First Haircut

This whole "baby girl hair" thing is new to me, and it is a little trickier than boy hair.  When the boys started to look shaggy and it was time for their first haircut, Kelly just cut it with the clippers. EASY!!!
Well, Nattle's was starting to look a little MOLLET "ISH" and I knew we needed to do something about it.
So, we did!
 For $7, we had a nice lady at a salon, trim off the "party in the back" part, and it looks great.
Natalie was sitting on my lap facing me for the endeavor and I think she was a little confused by the whole thing, but she did fine.  And now there is no mollet.

Love this face!

The first graders had a day to dress up like one of the characters in their favorite books.  The first character Hunter wanted to dress up like was Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbes.  But we decided that no one would know that he was dressed like anyone but himself.  The next thought was someone from the Hobbit, but he would need a mask or some weapon (which neither are allowed), so we settled for Obi-wan, from one of his star wars books.  
 Look at the beard on this guy.  Really it is just a preview of what he will look like in about 8 years!!!
 The next face that we love is this metallic color with blue and white bands stuck on them.
 You may have guessed, Hunter has braces! They are just phase 1 of a 2 phase treatment plan to correct his cross bite/under bite.

I have to say, he is pretty  cute with them, and they don't look to wacky on them.  Besides that, he thinks they are great. (except for all the sticky and hard foods that he can't eat).

Our Newest ABC Preschool Graduate

Look at this handsome boy!!
 He's not just handsome, he is smart too.
In fact, he just graduated top of his class at ABC Preschool!

The little girl holding Chance's hand on the left is his girlfriend Ayla.
It was pure luck that he ended up holding her hand, but look at him pretending to not be excited about i.

 One last picture with Missy.  She's been a fabulous teacher for both boys, and is a household name because they learn so much from her.
Congratulations Chance!!