Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This That and The Other

This little post is just a compilation of all the pictures that should be shared, but haven't been.
 Hunter, Chance, and their friend Noah playing at Chena Lakes.
My boys had sooo much fun, and wondered why we never go there.
This trip was only our second time in our 4 years of living here.
 Natalie holding her rattle- exciting milestone.
 It is always sweet to have a sleeping baby draped over your shoulder
 We were getting ready for bathtime and I thought this was just too cute to not take a picture of.
She looks like a little alien/astronaut.
 I peeked out the window one afternoon, and this is what a saw....a daddy picking a flower for his little girl.

 Wrestling season has come and gone, but these guys were awesome- look how tough they are!
 Chance loved takin' em down!
Hunter was awesome too- this kid is 2 years older than him- and was pretty darn tough.
Hunter was a good sport.
Both boys won their first matches at tournament in Anchorage, and it was pretty exciting for us.

This is What You Look Like When Your Brother Chooses Your Clothes

 Chance is so sweet and is always offering to pick out Natalie's "dress" for the day.  I let him do it one day that we weren't going anywhere.  He was pretty proud of himself and was so cute with her.
So, she ended up with a pink onesie, the aqua tutu and headband and lime green socks.
She was CUTE!

Monday, July 9, 2012

How does your garden grow?

Kelly has done an amazing job with our garden this year. (I have had my hands full!)  I did help start most everything from seed with him though- and it has been rewarding for all of us to have a bigger garden this year, and to see how well it is doing.
Also, thanks to Lillian who helped us plant while she was visiting.

Fourth of July and a Three Month Old

We had a nice laid back 4th this year.  Kelly isn't ever really up for parades or activities where there will be a crowd-- so we just stayed home this year.  The boys and Kelly did fireworks off and on throughout the day. In this picture they are blowing up ants with fire crackers and sparklers.
 Natalie and I were good spectators
 We got our money's worth out of smoke bomb's  The boys loved to wander around in the smoke and pretend they were army guys.
 Chance and Kelly got in a cherry war- looks pretty bloody, but it is just the juice.
 Kelly's Aunt Laurie sent us this darling 4th of July outfit for Natalie.  She looked darling!  We did venture out to the grocery store in the morning and the other customers were ooohhinng and ahhhinng over how cute she was.  I got lots of smiles and comments from people.  It was so much fun!
 Last but not least, here is our official 3 month picture of sweet Natalie Anne.
She is growing like a weed and is so much fun.  She is really spending a lot of time chatting these days- just squealing and cooing.  It is so much fun to listen to her.  She is also really discovering her hands, just looking at them and putting them together.  She also is enjoying her thumb on occasion-- mostly just in her crib (which is the best place to enjoy a thumb)