Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Holes in the Mouth

This is Hunter's face these days- it is darling!
On that note- he went to the orthodontist who said that we have a mouth of teeth that will need to be fixed.

Mom's Man Spa

The boys both had two days off of school for parent teacher conferences.  I was trying to figure out something fun and different to do with them- just for a change of pace, so I decided to open
Mom's Man Spa
 Chance is enjoying a nice massage in front of the warm pellet stove.
 Hunter loved soaking his feet in the foot spa while reading some new books.
 Chance spent some of his foot spa time checking out the Toys 'R' US catalog that arrived in our mailbox
I had to make Hunter stop reading so I could give him his massage.
The boys both enjoyed their "relaxation time" and they both said it was
the "Royal Treatment"
It was fun for Mom too!

Snapshots of Our Halloween Fun

Here are a few pictures of crafts/projects that we did this month- and the decorations we were able to enjoy.

 Chance had a little Halloween party at our house and we played "pin the eyeballs on the monster"  it was cute!
 One afternoon Chance and I decided that we would make a scarecrow HEAD.....well, he thought it needed a body AND arms AND legs- so now we have a full sized paper bag scarecrow in our house.

 Kelly, Natalie, and I went with a chicken theme for our costumes.
(I look kind  of creepy in these pictures.  I think I was smiling extra big because Natalie wouldn't because she is sick)

 Chance was an AWESOME Frankenstein
 Hunter was a FANTASTIC Gilly Sniper
 Halloween Night- what a pair!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's Here to Stay!!

On October 16th, we got our first snow that will be the base layer for the winter.
It is here!!!  It is winter time in Fairbanks.  We decided we must go out and play to celebrate.
 Hunter decided football would be a great way to kick off snow season!

 Chance played on tree stumps and did cartwheels in the snow.

Now it is October 24th, and it was -13 when we woke up this morning!
Happy Winter to US!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oh So Cute and 6 Months Old

We can't even imagine life without this sweet little girl.  She is so wonderful and just lights up the room with her smile and sweet sounds.  I did her 6 month pictures and as you can see, I had a hard time deciding which ones to post-- just too darling not to share!
She has her two bottom teeth (not all the way up yet), but they are there and hardly even noticed she was teething.  She loves to play with her brothers, and REALLY loves any and ALL food and drink that she can get her hands on.
Natalie is so mellow and sweet.  She is the kind of girl that you don't even know that she is awake in her crib because she just lays there quietly and happily, and occasionally she will let a happy coo.  I LOVE IT!!

Now for her measurements:
Height: 2 feet 2 inches (26 inches)/ 57%
Weight: 15 lbs 8 oz/ 37%
Head: 17 Inches/69%

She wishes she could have the doritos!!