Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fabulous "Fourth" 2010

This little bit of a bloody incident happened the afternoon before our holiday celebration. It really was a bleeder. Chance is just the right height to run into the back of Kelly's tailgate. He must have been running just fast enough to slice his head. I thought it needed stitches, but Dr. McGee disagreed and did an "at home" treatment.
All turned out OKAY!

Now, onto the celebration! I wanted to do something special for the holiday, but we didn't do a big BBQ with friends or anything, so I needed to do something "simple". I have always wanted to do a "cookie on a stick", so I thought this was the perfect opportunity. And they turned out GREAT!
It was fun to share our cookies with friends that met us in Nenana, for "Nenana Days"

(These are the smaller cookies that aren't on sticks)

The boys and I decided to do some firework art, this is how it turned out.
Hunter (left), Momma's (middle), Chance (right)
Like I mentioned before, we went to Nenana for the 4th, which was really the 3rd. We did this last year as well. It is a small town, but they do races for the kids and some for the adults. Everytime you race you get .25 cents, 1st place gets a dollar, and second gets .50 cents. It is fun and the kids think it is great to have some money to put into their piggy banks.
Hunter was going to do the 3 legged race with Chance, but his brother chickened out on him.
So, here he is with some random boy. They started off pretty shaky, but by the end of the race they had it down.

Dad and his boys getting ready for the "sack race". Chance still wasn't too sure about the whole thing.
(By the way, doesn't it look like those girls in the left of the picture are checking out my husband?????)
Kelly did the jumping for Chance, and Hunter took it at a nice easy pace.

Hunter was looking forward to the "potato race". He did it last year and was so excited to do it again. They run and get the first potato, bring it back, get the second potato, bring it back and cross the finish line. He did great!

Look at that run!

Last but not least, was the sawdust pile.

They start the kids at a starting line and they race around the block and come to the sawdust pile and DIG, DIG,Dig for money.
Chance had some luck, but Hunter didn't do so well.

Kelly also had a chance to participate in some of the Nenana activities. He and a friend of ours did the egg toss. They were doing awesome, until the egg hit one of their wedding rings and cracked. They had fun anyways. I participated in the 3 legged race with my friend Lora, and it was so fun!
After Nenana we stopped by a fireworks stand and picked up a few smokebombs, sparklers, pop-its, and a couple of fountains. We came home and had a good night with fireworks and a steak dinner.

The boys love the sparklers.

By the end of the night they were comfortable enough with them, that they were trying to catch bugs on fire.
It was fun weekend for us. We are so proud and thankful to live in such a beautiful place, in a wonderful country.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Few Fun "Awesome Dudes"

Do you recognize these guys????

If you guessed Michaelangelo and Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles......
The boys wanted TMNT masks a while back so I just tore some fabric and cut eyeholes. However, due to threads EVERYWHERE they requested more official type masks.
So, I made some little ninja masks. (which still have a few "eyehole" problems)
I've been working on a few projects lately that have required the boys to be patient with me and eachother. So, as a surprise reward I made them turtle shells to go with their masks. They thought it was fun and everyone was happy.
Now I'm a "RIGHTEOUS" Momma!