Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh what do you do with a Saturday???

This last week was SUPER busy, and I'm not bragging :) I'm complaining.
I truly don't like to be so busy. I like to have plenty of time to just be at home and hang out with the family. So, after the "busy" week we had a Saturday that Kelly was working and we had ABSOLUTELY NO WHERE TO GO, and NOTHING WE HAD TO DO.
What do you do with such a day?
Well, the boys started the day watching cartoons for an hour, while I exercised and straightened the house a little bit. I happened to be in the room when the boys saw a commercial on how to make a Kai Lan pillow. The boys said they would like to do that, so we changed up the designs (they aren't big into Kai Lan), and made pillows.
Hunter wanted a circle pillow and Chance a heart pillow. I let them choose thier fleece color and then had them sew with me. Then they got to "stuff" thier pillows.
They both decided they wanted zombie type creatures on their pillows. So they each drew out on piece of paper what their zombie should look like and then I helped "design" with the fabric.
They got to do the fabric gluing. They thought it was great!!
Here is Chance with his final product.

Hunter was very specific about colors and shapes of eyes and mouth.

Nice hair! That red stuff....Oh yeah, it is a bloody zombie.

What else did we do with our Saturday? Well, we took pictures of feet,

and crazy boys,

and pictures of ourselves blowing "saliva bubbles"
What a great day!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

We love the holidays at our house! In fact, sometimes we can't wait until the actual day like this Valentines Day for example. It wasn't me this time though, it was Kelly calling it early this year. The boys came out with Kelly and gave me a nice card and some chocolates, Kelly gave me a nice card and a pedicure set (including a 1 hour pedicure from him).
It was great, but I thought we should wait to give the boys their "gifts of LOVE" till the morning, but Kelly guilted me into atleast giving them their chocolate treats.
A Giant Hershey's Kiss was what they got!
They are both big fans of Chocolate, but as you can see from the picture, one has a more pure love of all things chocolate.

This is Hunter heading straight into a chocolate coma.
(No, I didn't let him eat the whole thing that night)

Valentines morning, we generally have pink pancakes or something of that nature, but we had just had German pancakes and so I didn't think we needed a sweet breakfast. So, I used my genius creative side and came up with heart shaped scrambled eggs and ham. We also had a banana. I thought it was obvious that the eggs were a special shape, but apparently it wasn't as noticeable to a 3 and 5 year old.

The boys each got a card from us with a little chocolate heart.

Chance was so excited that he couldn't hold still for a picture.
(Hence the blur!)

Funny Kid

This was my final "craft" for V-day. I was originally going to make it a wall hanging, but discovered it was the perfect holiday hotpad.
After a crazy, busy day of preschool and wrestling we came home and had a yummy heart shaped pizza for dinner. It was fun!

Last but not least here is my junior version of the paper heart garland.
It was kind of a funny V-day this year due to a sick husband, and sick kids the night Kelly and I were going to go out for our "romantic evening". But, all in all we love eachother and are so happy to be a part of our little McGee family.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

What we've been up to....

Chancey and his friend Nelson built a fort in the bunk bed and had snacks and read books.
The boys started wrestling, and we all think it is great.
I especially enjoy that I don't have to sit and freeze at "Polar Ice" watching hockey practice.
Chance doesn't particularly like warm-ups, but he knows he has to participate in order to wrestle.

This is Hunter enjoying a computer game so much that he doesn't know that he has
Mint Chocolate Chip icecream dripping down his chin.

Hunter has been taking lots of funny pictures. Here is one of Chance and I being goofy.

We saw a moose right out our front window. In all the commotion of me screaming (happily) to find the camera and get out the front door to take a picture, he got a little further away.

As usual, the boys put together some new costume combos

Chance had an accident. He bit his tongue when he rolled off of his bed(he was supposed to be napping.) was pretty disgusting!

Hunter got to celebrate his 1/2 birthday at preschool (since he has a summer b-day) and it was space day so he got to wear his jammies.

I was a cool mom and let Chance eat macaroni and cheese (leftovers) for breakfast.
The boys both participated in a practice "take-down" tournament.
They all had a great time and everyone got a medal.

My two wrestlers

So far, it has been a pretty good year.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Queen of Hearts

We've been doing our part to celebrate the
month of LOVE.......

I saw this cute "rocket" valentine on someone's blog.
It is made of rolo's, hershey kisses, foil, red paper, and yellow paper.
EASY!! We will give these to some of the boys good friends
for Valentine's Day.

I saw this cute heart garland idea on Our Best Bites. I had my friend Melanie over and we had a fun afternoon of talking, sewing, and creating.

It maybe is a little "elementary-ish", but it is cute and fun, and perfect for the age groups we have around our house. AND it only took an hour or two to put together!

More Garland!
This idea came from Family Fun Magazine. Chance helped to measure out the yarn in 1 ft sections, and he TRIED to help with the messy part, but he didn't like it cause it was "too sticky". The magazine didn't show to use the hearts as a garland, but I thought it would be a great idea. So, I backed the hearts with some cardstock and then glued the hearts onto some ribbon, and it looks great.

This idea I found on my step-sister Katie's blog she said she got the idea from Better Homes and Gardens. Truthfully, I think I did it how she did, but I didn't look too closely. Either way, I think it was cute and simple-- just my style.
I also used mini hearts as a short garland for my upcoming Enrichment Meeting at Church.
(now known as an Additional Relief Society Meeting)
Last but not least, here is our WALL OF HEARTS which is our yearly tradition.
Everyone fills out a heart that says, "I Love (Dad) because.... Love, (Chance). So everyone fills out four hearts which includes on for themselves saying, "I am loveable because...."
We started this tradition in 2008, so we are up to 64 hearts on our wall this year.
It is a GREAT tradition! It is fun to get the hearts out each year and see what we have said in the past years about eachother. Kelly suggested that we laminate them, so they will hold up for a
LONG time.
These are just some fun ways to make the holiday extra special and extra fun, especially for the kids. It is ALL about the memories.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Up and Coming Artist

Alaska Blueberry Milkshakes make great purple mustaches.

The boys and I were driving in the car the other day, and Hunter says, "Mom you and Dad could become the artists you've always wanted to be." I kind of knew where he was going with this but I wanted to play it out. So I said, "Really!?! How would we do that?"
"Well," he said, "You just need to call this number and they will send you all the information that you need. Before long you will be able to draw dog faces, pumpkins, and a bear face. Wouldn't that be awesome?"
"Yes!" I said
And he continued on...."And you get a free paint pallette. What is that Mom?"
So, I told him what a pallette was used for, and he thought that was interesting, and that was the end of the conversation.