Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hunter turns 7!!

Hunter is so happy to finally be 7.  On his birthday morning he woke up at 5:40 and got ready to go on a half day halibut fishing excursion and he didn't even get ocean sickness.  He caught two halibut and enjoyed his adventure.

Here is a list of Hunter's favorites:

Color: Green
Sport: Baseball
Song: Hell's Bell's (his father's son)
Family Activity: Going out to Ice Cream
Toy: Batman
Animal: Monkey/Gorilla
Friend: Chance
Food: Pizza
Treat: Hershey's Bar or Snickers
Breakfast: Pancakes, Sausage, Bacon, Eggs, and Hashbrowns (his father's son)
Thing to do: Hang out with dad

What he loves about himself: He is very athletic
What I love about him:  He is an excellent helper, very sweet and snuggly, he is smart and always trying to learn new things, and he is very patient

Height 4 ft 3 1/2 inches
Weight 63.5 lbs

Chance Turns 5

Chance is now 5 and boy is he excited about it.  On the morning of his birthday he came into my room and said, "Mom, something is weird....I'm not four anymore, I'm FIVE!!!"
He is so funny!

In honor of birthdays I decided to start a tradition of interviewing the boys and asking them about their favorites, so here we go...

Color: Blue
Sport: Wrestling
Song: ABC's
Family Activity: Art Project's
Toy: Sea Star Sticky Guy
Animal: Rhino
Friend: Nelson
Sea Animal: Sea Star
Food: Mashed Potatoes
Treat: Cotton Candy
Breakfast: Flat Eggs

What he loves about himself:
He loves to play and has good dreams

Things he doesn't like:

Height: 3 ft 7 inches
Weight 39.5

What I love about Chance:
He is a good helper, loves his little sister and calls her "Nattles", he always knows what he wants, he loves to spend time with me, he is so funny!!

Happy Birthday to My Guys!!!

This year we celebrated Hunter's 7th birthday and Chance's 5th birthday in Homer.
The boys got to create their own triple chocolate cake that we purchased from the bakery that was right across the way from the beach house that we stayed in.  Boy was it rich!!
 A little pre-party taste never hurt a guy
 Chance enjoyed it too!
 I brought a few decorations to put up to help celebrate, the boys helped decorate for their own party too.
They chose to go pick up a pizza in town and then have their cake and ice cream right after dinner, we were all stuffed.  We waited to open presents until we got home the day after their b-day.  They were good sports about it.
 I love these guys and our lives would not be the same without them.

Four Months Old and Growing Strong

Natalie is now Four Months Old and is such a sweet and pleasant baby!
We went to the Dr. today and got weighed and measured, she is:

13lbs 10 oz
24 1/2 inches
she was 50th percentile on everything

So, here are the pictures- she wasn't giving me much to work with so we did the best we could
 Natalie sleeps from 9:30 pm until 5:30 am and then eats and goes straight back to sleep until 8:30 or 9 (most days)
She is kind of a cat napper which is sometimes tricky when I'm trying to get things done in the day, but for a good night's sleep it is worth the trade off.
 She is laughing lots and LOVES to suck her thumb(s)
She is a secretive roller.  Occasionally she will roll from her tummy to her back after her nap, but no one has actually ever seen it happen.  She can almost roll from back to front.  She loves her brothers- and smiles when she sees them.
 This little friend is Mary Jo Reynolds, she was born a month after Natalie was.
 However, there is a size difference!  I guess my friend Christie produces a special type of milk, and she can grow her babies BIG!!  
I've been so proud of Natalie's "chunkiness" but she pales in comparison to Mary Jo.
Oh well, they can still be BFF's.