Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Eight Months Old

This little gal is 8 months old today!  She is still wonderful- even when she is sick, she is sweet and barely even makes a complaint.

Natalie almost has a total of 6 teeth- I'm sure the top middle teeth will be poking all the way through by the end of this week.  She loves it when people make her laugh, and she always responds to a good tickle.  She loves playing with balloons (with supervision), and she still LOVES her food.  Peek-a-boo is her favorite game still, and she is usually the one to initiate it.  Her specialty this month is ROLLING!!!!  And boy, she can roll far and fast.  Kelly said, "It's almost like she counts out how many revolutions it will take for her to reach her destination, and then she goes for it.
I thought she would be crawling by now, and she's close, but she mostly just likes to get on all fours and just rock back and forth.

A Visit To Santa and Gingerbread Houses

We got to go visit Santa this year in November.  We knew there wouldn't be too many kids waiting in line, so we took the opportunity to take Geek with us and go make our gift requests a little earlier this year.
Hunter asked for a Calvin and Hobbes Book
 Chance gave Santa 5 letters in envelopes with pictures of elves and presents and reindeer, etc..
Santa LOVED the drawings!!!
 Chance asked for a Trash Pack and a Navy Seals boat and a pirate ship
 Natalie didn't ask for anything- and she's the first of our children to not cry on Santa's lap.
 The Three McGee's
 I think Santa had a secret crush on Geek- and he wanted her to be in the picture-
she kindly obliged.
 For Family Home Evening we made our gingerbread houses.  Hunter and Mom worked together and came up with a "cool" house.
 It was complete with a sniper, a cannon, a firepit, and several "mines" for trespassers to step on

 Aren't we lovely?
(Boys were in jammies, and I don't have an excuse)
 Chance and Dad also made a very manly type gingerbread house
 They had ladders, and a skull snowman, and headstones
 They also had a snake, and some shelters.
We had a great time- getting ready for Christmas is so much fun!

Thanksgiving and Time With "Geek"

Marianne braved a cold Thanksgiving visit to our home, which we were thankful for.  We had lots of fun and time to spend with her.  The boys took several opportunities to dress up in costume.
 Hunter was impressed by Jimmy Fallons float in the Macy's Day Parade.  From that point on in the day, he wore sunglasses and was singing.."We Will Rock You!"
 Natalie was our "Turkey Girl" and isn't she cute?
 I am so Thankful for these three!
 Before Marianne arrived I was concerned that Natalie might have some stranger anxiety- but they both just picked up where they left off- and they LOVED eachother!
Marianne even took a shift one night- snuggling this sweet little baby.  She even got her to sleep on her chest for several hours.
 Momma and her girl
 Everyone felt the need to do a silly Thanksgiving dinner picture.
Hunter with a silly tongue and his drink
 Chance and a spoon on his tongue
 Geek showing how she really felt about her stay at our house
 We also took the opportunity to have a marshmallow catapulting day...It was fun!
 The boys were very competitive
 Pretty and Pink
 This was Natalie's silly Thanksgiving face