Monday, February 6, 2012

Making "Fun" in the Winter & 30 Weeks and Counting!!!

This winter has been very long and very cold. Probably seems long because I am pregnant and tired. But it is definitely cold!!! We've had several weeks where we ping pong between negative 40 and 50.
Anyway, out of desperation for something "outdoors" to do without being cold. I turned up the heated floor in the garage and the boys went out and rode laps on their bikes.

Okay, so actually they rode laps on the "too small for them" bikes. They both refuse to graduate up to the next size of bike. Hopefully this summer we will accomplish ourselves and Hunter will ride his big two wheeler and Chance will move up to the little bike with training wheels.
I guess when you have no where to ride and it rained all summer last year, it doesn't leave much room for improvement in the biking arena.

Anyhow, the boys both had a GREAT time riding bikes and were laughing and having a fabulous time. I think they were out there a good hour and a half!
Last but not least, I had Kelly take a "30 Week" picture of me on my way out the door to church.
Overall I feel pretty good, but I feel HUGE. That is pretty normal! The only other thing is the heartburn which is ridiculous, but normal for my pregnancies as well.
Natalie is definitely a mover and a shaker, she loves the right side of my ribs.
Here's to the last 10 weeks of healthy, happy pregnancy!