Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas 2009

For being so prepared for the month of December, it ended up being a lot more crazy than planned. We were SICK!!! Everyone had a turn, but the boys got the worst of it! It continued through the whole month, but fortunately after 5 am Christmas morning, it let up for us to have a nice Christmas Day and then came back to visit through the rest of the month.
Our McGee family traditions for Christmas were even changed this year. No one felt up to our usual Christmas Eve Crab for dinner, so we had crackers, cheese, fruit, vegetables, beef stick etc.. So we didn't waste our yummy crab on yucky tummys. However, tradition did stick that each of the boys got to open their new pair of jammies from Grandma and Grandpa Joe.
Hunter got cool pirate jammies.

Chance got cool bug jammies
(You can tell that we don't see Grandma often enough by the length of Chance's PJ's)

Christmas morning brought throw-up and Santa presents.

This is Mom's stash

Santa was really using his thinker when he brought me a steam vac. He must have been able to smell the puke in our carpets all the way in North Pole!

Dad got some cool toys to play with the boys.

Chance and his treasures.
(Notice the change in jammies, the bug one's had a rough night.)

Hunter was so excited about the "Batcave"

Santa wrote a nice note and drew a picture on Chance's new art easel

We have had LOTS of fun with these nerf swords

We had a very nice Christmas, hope you did too!


The Barker Clan said...

How fun! I am sorry you were all so sick. Being sick is awful and then to be sick during the holidays is even worse. I guess you won't ever forget this year! We love you!

Los Briners said...

Lovely! Nothing like a good puke-fest