Sunday, August 29, 2010


After waiting, dreaming, hoping, planning, and talking.....
We finally made it to Disneyland and it was
These pictures are all out of order due to the fact that I forgot I had two files and it takes
FOREVER to upload the pictures.
So here we go!
Silly boys! I wonder why Chance has his tongue out in almost all of his pictures.

Hunter loves his Geek (short for Gee Gee stemming from McGee)

He's not sure about smooching her on Nemo's Submarine though

She's going for it anyway :)

These boys love Pooh's Honey

This was on the Winnie the Pooh ride.
It was Chancey's Favorite!

Both days we were at Disneyland we went back to the hotel to have naps, but apparently it wasn't soon enough on this day. He really fell asleep on his shoulders!

This really had to be one of the funniest things that happened on our trip.
We went to one of the little themed eating areas for lunch and had all you can eat ribs, cornbread, beans, and coleslaw. After Chance had enough food he got down and was walking around our table. And a bird just happened to poop on his arm. None of us saw it happen, but it was so funny when he walked up to the table and said, "A bird just pooped on me!" in his scratchy little voice.

A little rest on Goofy's Toon Town couch

Another favorite ride of Chancey's was the Buzz Lightyear ride where he got to be a space ranger and shoot the aliens and Zurg.

Kelly was really into this ride and was a level 5 space ranger.


Look! Pluto and Chance are both sticking thier tongues out!

It was fun to have Geekorama on our vacation.
This was on the Jungle Cruise ride, that is really quite a lame ride.
However, Chance was scared to death of the whole thing.

He calmed down though, once he got his driver's license and could drive his own car in Autopia.

Marianne and Kelly on Small World

I think Small World was my Favorite ride.

Hunter was very excited to go on the Tea Cups.
He really wanted me to ride with them, but I have terrible motion sickness.
I gave in and did ride the teacups the second day, but I didn't let them turn us very much.
Apparently Chance struggled with our crazy schedule, and once again didn't make it back to the hotel for naptime. A garbage can at Disneyland is just as clean as any hotel bed!

The boys each had "Disney Dollars" that they earned by doing extra jobs, or being helpful or good at home. They could choose how to spend their $$, Hunter spent a little bit on some cool Mickey lollypops.

The boys loved the characters and had no worries about standing next to them.

Flying high on the Dumbo ride

Chance was truly in character with his Mickey Pirate ears.

Overall, our Disney experience was excellent! We were there for two days which I think was perfect. We went to the park between 7:30 and 8:00 both mornings, stayed until 1:30 or so, went to the hotel and took a 2-4 hour nap and then came back to the park and stayed until 11:30 or midnight.
I do have to say that it is a fun place, but Chance has really had nightmares since we left there. He does speak of the experience fondly though. Also, a fun surprise that happened before and during the trip.....Chance officially never sucks his fingers anymore!!!
Hunter went on EVERY adult ride that was opened. He liked the Indian Jones ride the best, but was very disappointed that Indie didn't help us out more than he did.
Hunter was a VERY good sport and had the full experience that Disneyland could offer.


Katie Bell said...

Thanks for the pictures, I've been waiting and waiting and waiting...

The Barker Clan said...

How fun! I think we will wait until Addison is older to brave the trek to Disneyland. They are going to remember this forever!