Monday, July 9, 2012

Fourth of July and a Three Month Old

We had a nice laid back 4th this year.  Kelly isn't ever really up for parades or activities where there will be a crowd-- so we just stayed home this year.  The boys and Kelly did fireworks off and on throughout the day. In this picture they are blowing up ants with fire crackers and sparklers.
 Natalie and I were good spectators
 We got our money's worth out of smoke bomb's  The boys loved to wander around in the smoke and pretend they were army guys.
 Chance and Kelly got in a cherry war- looks pretty bloody, but it is just the juice.
 Kelly's Aunt Laurie sent us this darling 4th of July outfit for Natalie.  She looked darling!  We did venture out to the grocery store in the morning and the other customers were ooohhinng and ahhhinng over how cute she was.  I got lots of smiles and comments from people.  It was so much fun!
 Last but not least, here is our official 3 month picture of sweet Natalie Anne.
She is growing like a weed and is so much fun.  She is really spending a lot of time chatting these days- just squealing and cooing.  It is so much fun to listen to her.  She is also really discovering her hands, just looking at them and putting them together.  She also is enjoying her thumb on occasion-- mostly just in her crib (which is the best place to enjoy a thumb)


Emily Morgan said...

I love the boys crawling through the smoke. :) And little Natalie is growing too fast! She is so the stars and stripes.

Emily said...

Well for "just staying home" it looks like you had a wonderfully patriotic day! War, blood, smoke screens, and adorable girls in patriotic duds-sounds good to me!