Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Snapshots of Our Halloween Fun

Here are a few pictures of crafts/projects that we did this month- and the decorations we were able to enjoy.

 Chance had a little Halloween party at our house and we played "pin the eyeballs on the monster"  it was cute!
 One afternoon Chance and I decided that we would make a scarecrow HEAD.....well, he thought it needed a body AND arms AND legs- so now we have a full sized paper bag scarecrow in our house.

 Kelly, Natalie, and I went with a chicken theme for our costumes.
(I look kind  of creepy in these pictures.  I think I was smiling extra big because Natalie wouldn't because she is sick)

 Chance was an AWESOME Frankenstein
 Hunter was a FANTASTIC Gilly Sniper
 Halloween Night- what a pair!


debbie said...

Is that a really cute Halloween table runner I saw on your table???

Jamie Hatch said...

so many fun crafts! and I've never heard of a gilly sniper. I guess I'll have to google it! Happy Halloween1