Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Visit To Santa and Gingerbread Houses

We got to go visit Santa this year in November.  We knew there wouldn't be too many kids waiting in line, so we took the opportunity to take Geek with us and go make our gift requests a little earlier this year.
Hunter asked for a Calvin and Hobbes Book
 Chance gave Santa 5 letters in envelopes with pictures of elves and presents and reindeer, etc..
Santa LOVED the drawings!!!
 Chance asked for a Trash Pack and a Navy Seals boat and a pirate ship
 Natalie didn't ask for anything- and she's the first of our children to not cry on Santa's lap.
 The Three McGee's
 I think Santa had a secret crush on Geek- and he wanted her to be in the picture-
she kindly obliged.
 For Family Home Evening we made our gingerbread houses.  Hunter and Mom worked together and came up with a "cool" house.
 It was complete with a sniper, a cannon, a firepit, and several "mines" for trespassers to step on

 Aren't we lovely?
(Boys were in jammies, and I don't have an excuse)
 Chance and Dad also made a very manly type gingerbread house
 They had ladders, and a skull snowman, and headstones
 They also had a snake, and some shelters.
We had a great time- getting ready for Christmas is so much fun!

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Katie Bell said...

I promise, we're still cool over here, even if the girls have no idea what half those 'boy' things are...looking forward to the initiation into the world of boys with Spencer...