Monday, May 20, 2013

Love this face!

The first graders had a day to dress up like one of the characters in their favorite books.  The first character Hunter wanted to dress up like was Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbes.  But we decided that no one would know that he was dressed like anyone but himself.  The next thought was someone from the Hobbit, but he would need a mask or some weapon (which neither are allowed), so we settled for Obi-wan, from one of his star wars books.  
 Look at the beard on this guy.  Really it is just a preview of what he will look like in about 8 years!!!
 The next face that we love is this metallic color with blue and white bands stuck on them.
 You may have guessed, Hunter has braces! They are just phase 1 of a 2 phase treatment plan to correct his cross bite/under bite.

I have to say, he is pretty  cute with them, and they don't look to wacky on them.  Besides that, he thinks they are great. (except for all the sticky and hard foods that he can't eat).

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