Sunday, August 4, 2013

Six and Eight are Really GREAT!!

We got to celebrate a 6th birthday and an 8th birthday on July 30th.  We are so lucky to have these two crazy fun guys in our lives.

We started off the morning with the boys' traditional birthday breakfast.
Donuts and Sausage!!!
 It was delicious!
 We were even lucky enough to have Grandma and Grandpa Briner
here for birthdays this year.  The boys thought that was a really great treat!
 After breakfast it was time for some present opening.
 They each got an "Alaskan Grown" t-shirt in the appropriate colors.
Green for Hunter and Blue for Chance
 Then Hunter got a bb/pellet gun
 And Chance got a bb gun.
(Both will be used with appropriate adult supervision)
 They have had a good time with them so far!
 Fun with our Grandparents!
During the day we went to see Turbo, just mom, dad, and the boys.  It was fun and Chance especially enjoyed the show.  In the evening we went out to Shogun Restaurant and watched the guy cook our dinner and do a few tricks.  We were stuffed, but then we still came home and had......
 Birthday Cake!  Both boys just wanted plain chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.
I sat down with each of the boys to do our yearly birthday interview, and here is the info I got from them:

Chance's Favorites
Color- Blue
sport- wrestling
song- Dirty Deeds
family activity- playing anything
toy- Turbo guys
Friend- Simon
Food- Pizza
Treat- Cotton Candy or Taffy
Breakfast- "flat eggs" (eggs over hard)
Thing to do- Video Games
The thing that Chance loves about himself the most is that he is a great artist!

Hunter's Favorites
song- Hell's Bell's
Family activity- going out to eat
Toy- x-box
Animal- Tiger
Friend- Logan
Food- Shogun
Treat- Hershey's Chocolate Bar
Breakfast- Pancakes, Sausage, Bacon, Eggs, and Hashbrowns
Thing to do:  Hang out with Dad
The thing that Hunter loves about himself is that he is good looking and handsome!

We are blessed to have these two guys in our family.  A mom and a dad couldn't ask for anymore- they keep us hopping, and laughing, and we are awfully proud of their accomplishments!

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