Friday, January 16, 2009

Cheers to Grandpa McGee

We have all been under the weather with the flu at our house. So, I stocked up on some Gatorade and Chicken Noodle Soup. (Our kids won't do Pedialyte). Kelly was especially sick one day and so we got some Blue Ice (or Frost, can't remember) Gatorade out and immediately Chancey wanted some. Not because he was necessarily thirsty, but because of its familiarity.
When we went home last summer to Idaho to visit family, we stayed with Kelly's family part of the time. Lemar, Kelly's Dad has cancer and drinks a lot of this blue Gatorade. One time Lemar let Chance taste his blue Gatorade, and I guess he liked it. He must have remembered that he liked it, and when we got ours out he HAD to have some.
Chance has a cute little bond with Kelly's dad, this drink, and he also loves it when Grandpa gives him a little pat and rub on the head when he passes by him. It is sweet! We know Chance loves Grandpa McGee.

We gave him several refills and he slurped it right up!

Cheers Grandpa McGee!!!!


The Barker Clan said...

I hope that you are all feeling better. I think it is the worst when the whole family gets sick and it seems like you have been taking care of everyone for weeks. It took our whole family a week to get through it all, but it seemed like it took forever. Love you!

Scottypoo said...

I like your blog. You can check mine out also at
I would like to see more pics of Alaska. How is it up there?

swtelford said...

Tammy! Hey, we got your Christmas card and we sent you one too, but it went to your old address and I thought they would forward it to you,but I got it back last week. Anyway, sounds like you guys are doing good. Your boys are so cute!!! Our blog is