Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chancey and his devotion to "Babies"!!

Sorry this post will not have any photos but I thought you all might enjoy hearing of my son's antics at the gymnastics gym playtime hour. So anyone that knows Chance also knows that he loves anything with a baby in it and he goes to an incredible length to make sure that everyone around him also is aware of the "Baby". This is all great.....most of the time. Today, however, was clearly not one of those days. So at the gym they were loaded to capacity. There were about 30 people (Moms, Dads, and kids) playing all over the gym equipment, pads, etc. One woman was of the school of breastfeeding that just likes to whip out the boob with only the kids mouth acting as a "pasty" if you will. No blanket, no towel, NOTHING. Most of the guys are now uncomfortably gravitating to the polar opposite of the room as their comfort level so dictated (myself included). Chance was having none of this. In fact, not only was he ramming the lady's knee with a procured tricyle but he was pointing and shrieking "BABY!! BABY!! BABY!!". From a distance, trying to give the woman as much privacy as I could and under the eyes of everyone in the place, I attempted to retrieve my son from about 10 feet away. No......not happening. My approach seemed only to motivate my son to a fever pitch of trying to alert me of the feeding "Baby!". Finally, when all other attempts had sailed into oblivion. I approached and reached down to grab Chance. Well, at this precise moment the "BABY!!", decided to detach and leave me with a face full of milk dripping nipple. NICE. I think I will let my wife do gym next time.

In case anyone was wondering this was posted by Kelly not Tammy

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Brandon and Hayley Gordon said...

hA ha HA ha HA hA ha! this is so funny, especially because it happened to Kelly. Thanks for the giggle, I needed it :)