Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The BIG 30!!

**These pictures are out of order, due to wacky computer or operator**
If everyday were as wonderful as the day I turned 30, life would be
My birthday started out the night before when Kelly brought home the most beautiful bouqet of purple and yellow flowers. I LOVE flowers, especially in Alaska.
When I woke up on March 7th, 2009 my husband prepared me a lovely breakfast of eggs, hashbrowns, and orange juice. It was yummy. Then, I got dressed and kind of fixed my hair and went and picked up a babysitter because Kelly and I had a date to go cross country skiing, and it was a blast. We ended up doing about 5-6 miles, some groomed trails, but mostly "classic" trails. Both were fun, but did cause a few sore muscles. :)
After we were done skiing we were going to go out to lunch, but we decided it was kind of late for lunch, so we ate some energizing candy bars instead. Snickers for me!!!!
After going home and taking a long hot shower, we loaded up in the car and took off to the grocery store to pick up dinner ingredients. Shrimp, pasta, garlic bread, asparagas...delish!
Kelly made all of dinner, and I DID set the table because it felt weird not to do anything. The dinner was nice, everyone enjoyed it. After we ate, it was time for some digesting of dinner, and some opening of presents. The boys got me a book, shirt, and Old Navy Gift card. Kelly got me furniture. I did receive presents from other friends and family...thank you, it is always fun to get surprises in the mail.
Last but not least, we had a DIVINE DESSERT...
Oreo, fudge, caramel, mint chocolate chip icecream, and whipping cream
Need I say more???
Kelly showing Hunter how it's done

Flowers :)

My personal "Chef for the Day"

So, far being 30 is great.
Now I just have to burn off all of my birthday calories (and Christmas too!)


The Barker Clan said...

Oh my gosh! I am an awful sister. I didn't even realize that it was the big 30! Well, you look amazing and have a wonderful family! Love you and glad that you had a great birthday.

jdkemper said...

It looks like you had an amazing birthday! Your family is so cute! Do you love you couches by the way? I think they are the same as ours :)