Friday, March 6, 2009

Slip and Slide...Fairbanks Style

When it is dark and cold outside, we have to be creative!
So, we enjoy our at home, indoor slip and slide.
Hunter finally mastered the skill

But it took some practicing

with and without Dad, who was the master of indoor slip and slide

Ready, set, go!!!

Chance loved it and was reduced to tears when we stopped doing it.

May your winter be as fun as ours!


Brandon and Hayley Gordon said...

Hi Tammy!
Please include us on your list for evites when you go private. We love keeping up with our favorite Alaskans!

Los Briners said...

Way to go guys :) I bet it isn't easy being confined to the house in such a dark, cold place.

jdkemper said...

How fun. You know my mom used to put hand soap all over the kitchen floor and we would slip and slide all over...I think she did it so we would clean her floors so she didn't have to haha!