Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Four Magic Words

My little Chance is a pretty special guy. He is really something else, and maybe someday I will really be able to figure him out. But, for now I know what makes him happy.

Chance LOVES hats!!! Whether it be broncos (BSU or DENVER), Dodgers, Silvercreek Outfitters, Army Helmet, or Knight Helmet he DOESN'T care. He just wants a hat to put on his head at all times.

HOCKEY !!!!!
This little guy can't get enough hockey. Honestly I don't know where his love for hockey came from. We have only taken him to one or two games and we don't watch it on television. However, we go walking at the Big Dipper Ice Arena and there will occasionally be teams practicing. We don't usually stop and watch, but he has seen them enough to know what he is talking about.
So, this is what he does....he finds a frisbee and puts it under one foot (that is his ice skate), he gets this plastic sword (for his hockey stick), he gets a little ball (puck) and he puts on the army helmet or the knight helmet and of course that is his helmet. He knows the words, and he knows what the hockey players do. It is absolutely HILARIOUS! My favorite is when he runs around the house yelling Puck, Puck, Puck, Puck til he finds the ball he is looking for.
Chance wants a piece of gum in his mouth at all times! It doesn't matter where we are (church), if he realizes that he doesn't have gum in his mouth he will start chanting, Gum! Gum! Gum! Gum! Last week at church the girls in the row behind us opened a package of gum and started chewing. Chance of course knew exactly what was going on and immediately started in on his chant. I didn't have any, but he begged some off of the girls :)
And YES he is actually pretty good about not swallowing it, but he has figured out that it is kind of fun to stretch it in and out of his mouth.

Last but not least....BooTS!
In Chance's world boots and shoes are interchangeable words. He likes to wear them in the house, even though we don't wear shoes in our house. He will go to great distances to find some "Boots" to wear and to get them on his feet.

Lately his habits have made great messes. We have been in the middle of break-up which is where all the snow and ice melt and it becomes very muddy. So, as you can imagine when the mud becomes dirt and Chance puts a pair of boots house becomes DIRTY, literally.

Chance is a fun boy, that keeps us busy but also entertained. We are glad to have him in our home. And I am so HAPPY to know these four magical words that make him HAPPY!!

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The Barker Clan said...

Isn't it amazing how different two little boys can be even when they come from the same parents! Chancey reminds me of Gavin, they are so adorable, funny, and loving and yet are constantly testing your patience! One week till you come!