Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Momma Llama!!!!


Today marks my Mom's would be 55th birthday.... so I got her a few things
What would a birthday be without a wish?

Teddy Grahams

Peanut M&M's
(These are some of her favorite treats, and boy did she LOVE treats!)
On April 26th 1954 the world welcomed a beautiful little girl named

Before long she grew up, made her wedding dress and got married.

A couple of years later, she found herself with a little girl .....

who soon grew to be bigger than her Mom
They have a great relationship!

I wanted to brag about my Mom on her birthday, yes I know she wasn't perfect...neither are you and I.
She was my BEST friend, my confidant, my comfort, and she loved me unconditionally. I could talk with her about anything- we needed eachother and I was lucky to have her.
We were a mother/daughter match made in heaven.
We were "Momma Llama" and "Tammy Lamby"
(coined after I got a pair of fuzzy lamb slippers for Christmas one year from her)

As mentioned earlier, my mom was a seamstress. I am talking a really talented seamstress!!
She LOVED to sew!
I was the lucky recipient of MANY dresses, pants, UNDERWEAR, prom dresses, pajamas, and anything else she could think to sew.
(I don't think I had a store bought pair of underwear until I was 9!)

I was joined by two Brothers
James and Ben

We were a pretty happy family!

Since Mom was single, money was tight. But, she made our way in the world and somehow came up with enough money to make sure we had what we needed and sometimes what we wanted.

My Mom loved me so much, and new that my teeth needed to be straightened.
The monthly budget wouldn't provide, so she donated plasma so I could have a beautiful smile.
She didn't tell me this for quite a while, but she eventually did. Now that is LOVE!!!

I love this picture of her with the boys. Look at her, she is soooo happy.
Mom always took time out for the important things in life.

She always let us do fun things.!
Like make a double decker person in her long nightgowns.

She always made sure we had fun birthday parties
and awesome homemade cakes!

Halloween was always a fun time.
We always had homemade costumes, or at least partially homemade.
This year she even took apart her wedding dress and let me be a bride for Halloween.
(She also used part of her wedding dress to make me a beautiful twirly Christmas dress, which was every girls dream!)

My Mom was the oldest of her siblings. She was a great sister, a wonderful daughter, and a friend to her family.

Unfortunately in January 2000, she found out she had Melanoma.
But look at her after having surgery to remove the cancer on her lungs....
she is still hanging in there.
That was Mom, she was always hanging in there. Life would throw garbage at her, but she would always find her way. She was STRONG! She was a good example to me of faith, hard work, enduring to the end, love, courage, and hope.

This is one of the last pictures I have with her. Isn't she beautiful?
I am so glad that she got to be a part of my eternal marriage wedding day.
I miss my Mom terribly! Everyday I think of her and her love. We talk about her regularly...she is called Grandma Nanny at our house. My boys know she is in Heaven doing good things. I tell them how much she loves them and how she got to see them before they were sent down to me.
I was lucky to have her, and I am lucky to have memories to live on.
She was the best...the one and the only....Momma Llama
I Love You Mom
Happy 55th!


Debra said...

Tammy, Thanks for sharing this speical and insightful tribute toyour mom. I wish I had known her; I know I would have loved her too. You are already blessing our family's life by being our friend. Look forward to loving your fmaily even more!

Brandon and Hayley Gordon said...

Tammy, no wonder you are such a great mommy. Following in her footsteps I'm sure. Loved reading this post. Kelly is a lucky guy.

The Barker Clan said...

I can't imagine your emotions as you wrote that. I am sitting here crying my eyes out! Your mom was wonderful and I definitely think she looks down on you everyday and is happy seeing you with your family. She raised a wonderful daughter and I know she is and always is proud of you! Just think about the kind of mom you are because of the kind of mom you had!

Trenton & Maren said...

It was so nice to learn more about your mother. What a wonderful lady and a great tribute to her. I too had tears in my eyes reading this post. Thank you for sharing!

Los Briners said...

Happy Birthday Natalie. Tammy I think that your mother would be very proud of you.

Sarah Buma said...

I was thinking about you this Sunday morning and thinking I'd be missing you at church. So, I sat down to check your blog and I was (emotionally) surprised to find these meaningful remembrances. The love you have for your mom was tangibly felt as you spoke about her on our lunch date. She was obviously a very strong woman, and so is her "Tammy Lamby"...both just smiling through your days, even when they're tough. How meaningful that your sparkling smile was made more magnificent by her quiet sacrifice. The double decker person in mom's nightgown--that's what every child must do at least once! Your boys are so blessed to have you as their mother, and your mother had so much to do with how you came to be who you are today. I agree with Debbie--I'm looking forward to more McGee in my future!