Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July and Biker Dudes and Chicks

For the Fourth Kelly of course, had to work, but the boys and I were invited by some friends to go to the little town of Nenana. It is about 1 hour up the road towards Denali, so I decided I could handle the drive. We got there about 10:15 and the boys had a pancake at the pancake feed while we waited for the fun to start.
Before we ate they wanted their picture taken in front of this "thing". I have no idea what this is called, but I am sure it has a name.
About 11:00 the fun started!!! They have Lots and LOTS of races for the kids and some for the grown ups too. Everytime you raced you got a quarter, and then $1.00 for the winner and .50 for second place. They did running races, 3 legged races, sack races and even a "potato race".
These are our friends Ali (6) and Saige (4), and one of their 1 month old twin brothers. Hunter was mid-sneeze in this picture, but I thought it was too funny not to post.

This is the potato race. A couple of ladies quickly drew these lines and circles with bags of flour and then put the potatoes in the circles. The kids had to run to the first circle and get the potato and then go to the second circle, get the tater and then run to the home circle. Hunter did really well with this one.

Chancey accidentally had a collision with one of the ladies who had the sack of flour.
You can't see it very well, but he was pretty white on one side of his head.

The final activity in Nenana was a "wood shavings money dig". They started all the kids on a line and they ran to this big pile of wood shavings where they dug for $$$$. Hunter got .76 and Chance just put the shavings on kids heads, and got some down his diaper...not on purpose.
We also had a fun picnic lunch that we packed with us. It was really a fun day, and we might do it again next year!!
We left Nenana around 2:30 and they boys fell asleep in the car very quickly! When we got home they of course woke up, so we vacuumed and unloaded the dishwasher just in time for Kelly to get home around 6:00. From there, we grilled hot dogs and had a nice fourth of July dinner with watermelon, pork n beans, and a veggie tray. After that we went out for Ice Cream at a little outdoor Ice Cream shop called Hot Licks. It was yummy and the boys were a MESS!!! Really we all looked like homeless folk!
After ice cream we were off to do our fireworks. But, we had to stop at the church to do our
"pop its" because they won't pop on our gravel. As soon as we pulled up to the church Chance started screaming and crying, "No church class, no church class" over and over until I was finally able to get through to him that we weren't there for church. The boys both loved popping the "pop its." We finally headed home to do the rest of our fireworks (which weren't many), but the boys were excited.

Sparkers were a hit.
Notice Chancey's homeless look.

Hunter was in heaven pretending his sparkler was a sword and he was getting the bad guys.

The finale!
I don't know how much fireworks are normally but this is what I got for $10.50:
2 pkg. sparklers
1pkg of six smoke bombs
2 pkg. pop its
1 small fountain
Maybe all fireworks are a rip off???
Well it was a fun day anyhow! It was fun to watch the boys have so much fun!!

Sunday after church we had some visitors, and they showed up on their motorcycles.
Jack and Laurie Meikle (Kelly's aunt and uncle), and their friends Yvonne and Dave were doing an Alaska/Canada motorcycle tour. We were so lucky to get to be one of their stops. The boys were thrilled to be able to "ride" the bikes and honk the horns.
(Really Chance was HAPPY to be on the bike)

So cool!
We love to have visitors!

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