Monday, October 12, 2009


IT'S HERE!!!! It is now time for hockey. Neither Kelly or I have even played and we barely skate ourselves. But, we put Hunter on the ice in full gear......

and boy did he look good!
(He has a helmet, it just isn't on yet)

Unfortunately, skating didn't come so easily as did his good looks. He is the middle kid on the ground that looks like he is TRYING to get up.
A lot of the kids looked like seals or beached whales most of the time. It was pretty funny!

Chance wished he could be out there playing too, but he was a good sport and played in the stands. He sure was happy to be there!

They gave the kids buckets to hold on to and skate. Hunter mostly went around in circles.
There were definitely tears shed, but that happens. We reminded him that we had told him it wouldn't be easy, but it would be great once he got it. We came home and practiced walking in his skates in the living room for an hour. Hopefully this coming Wednesday he will feel a little more confident about the whole thing.


James and Chelsea said...

That is awesome. I'm still giggling. James so wants to move to Alaska now just so we can watch your boys play hockey. Love it. Keep the pictures coming!

James and Chelsea said...

P.S. That was the best thing I've ever seen

jdkemper said...

Doug and I both were laughing at this post! I loved how you said they looked like a bunch of beach whales haha....hilarious! He will catch on in no time! You have to start somewhere! I think it is too funny that his hockey team name is the same as mine! How fun for your family!

Katie Bell said...

I want more hockey pictures!