Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fun With Gee Gee

Grandma McGee, affectionately known as Gee Gee, Geekmeister, Geekasauras, Geekapotamus,
Geekarooni, and just plain Geek came to visit us in Fairbanks for about 2 1/2 weeks.
We LOVED having her here and we did so many fun things.

Chance took this picture right before Kelly and Marianne left for their fishing trip to Valdez.

We stopped by Santa Claus House to visit the red suited man, but he was in his workshop apparently, so we sat in his chair anyway.

Kelly and Marianne came home with 5 of these salmon after a long day of fishing.
Apparently it was a little slow that day!

We went cranberry picking at Birch Hill ski trails.

We came prepared with Ice Cream buckets and all.

This is Evelyn and Julia, some friends of ours that picked berries and ran up and down the trails with us too. It was LOTS of fun.

One day we went on a formal goldpanning tour and got to ride a train and listen to a presentation. However, on this day we went to a little creek that had some "paydirt" close by that we could pan for. Kelly found just a little bit.

Hunter is very good at panning for gold and enjoys it too.

Kelly is REALLY addicted though!

This is Marianne yelling "Big Money, come on Big Money!!!"
(That's not really what she was saying, but it was funny anyhow.)

Chance mostly just liked to throw dirt and rocks and splash Hunter.

Hunter and Chance found this big hole and with Dad's help they filled it up with water and it became a .............


Marianne became the official storybook reader in our house for two weeks.
She also did lots of dishes, swept floors, folded laundry etc... I didn't intend to make her work, but she did and I ENJOYED and APPRECIATED the extra hands.

This HOT MAMA turned 61 while she was here and we celebrated with homemade REAL BLUEBERRY pancakes for breakfast.

Chance was sad that it wasn't his birthday, but did enjoy singing to Gee Gee.

Hunter had his first day of preschool while Marianne was in town. He is really enjoying spending time with friends and learning new things.

This HOTTIE turned 35 the day after Marianne's birthday. He requested BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE for his birthday dessert. It really was delicious.

Happy Birthday LUV!

Kelly also decided that he was tired of giving himself a haircut and the boys should do it for him.

So they did, and boy did they have fun!
Turned out great...don't you think?

We played lots of hockey while Geek was here to show her our MOVES.

We improvise for skates on the laminate flooring.

Chancey prefers his high heel Fisher Price stacking rings.

These two are something else.

We tried to take some cute pictures, but somebody needed a nap (hint: it wasn't Gee Gee).
This is the best we ended up with for now.
We love having Geekarooni come and stay with us, we hope she will do it again and again!!


jdkemper said...

Oh I loved reading your newest entry and seeing the photos! You guys are such an amazing special family! Your boys are so lucky to have you and Kelly as parents!

dustemhenderson said...

Your family always does such fun things! You are awesome parents. I love the cabin that Kelly built--I'll have to show Dustin and beg him for one for our boys :)

Lindsey said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun with Geekarooni! Too funny. . .I am enjoying the laundry, cleaning, and story reading abilities of Grandma at my own house right now. Isn't it heavenly? Lets just pass her back and forth, okay?

James and Chelsea said...

Okay we totally died reading this entry! Naked Chance, half haired Kelly. Really, Marianne had a much more eventful trip then we did!!

Sarah Buma said...

You guys are hilarious!!! Love the haircut Kelly!