Friday, November 27, 2009

Giving Thanks

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday at our house this year! We got to sleep in (just a little bit), and then we started our day by watching the Macy's Parade on TV. Before we knew it, it was time to start working on the "Feast".

Kelly did a great job peeling Yams AND potatoes. He peeled a ton of potatoes because he really LOVES mashed potatoes and I don't make them nearly enough for him.
Now Kelly has enough mashed potatoes to feed him until the middle of December!!!
This is George the Gratitude Turkey. During the month of November when we sit down to the table we think of things we are thankful for and then add the feather to George. So, he started out as a "naked" turkey and now he is in full bloom.
This is what we were grateful for this year:

Alaska, loving husband, cabin, Gee Gee's garden, Grandpa McGee, sweet treats, family, water, hats, food, planets, preschool, world, zombies, chickens, Gee Gee, wrestling, snow, truck, soup, washing machine, Aunt Valerie, electricity, memories, ice cream, Halloween, video games, Chance, Hunter, beds, Mickey Mouse, trees, cookies, teeth, toys, bugs, music, reliable vehicles, Batman, fish, Joker, broccoli, sweetheart wife, warm home, good friends, Ryan, string, airplanes, Grandpa Joe, showers, sharks, Our Countries flag, USA, outerspace, bacon, stars in the sky, milk jugs (milk duds), fun days with family, clowns, yummy smells, auto start, soda, books, days off, our bodies, hulk shirt, snacks, job, broncos, movies, toys, cereal, stuffed lion, our minds, dump trucks, cartoons, The Gospel, Thomas Train, Brandon, hugs, kisses, fingers, clothes, health, The World, Momma, Dad, Button (a guy Kelly works with), hockey, good landlord, health, football, Dodgers and NAPS!!!!!

We are VERY fortunate despite the sad things that have happened in our extended families this year. We are very aware and grateful for the blessings we DO have.

While dinner was being prepared, the boys did a "color by number" cornicopia picture,

and took turns playing games with Dad.

Handsome little Chance


Dinner was very delicious and all turned out well. It is tricky however, to get the timing down so that everything hot at the same time. Maybe next year I will get to be thankful for a double oven!

While we were eating we noticed that Chance grew a bit of a goatee. Apparently when he was wiping his face, the napkin stuck to the marshmallow goo on his chin.

We got a pretty good laugh out of that!

Little goatee guy

My "LUV"

After dinner I was ready for a nap, and Kelly was ready for football, and the boys were chomping at the bit to watch the "Thundercats" DVD that came from Netflix.

Everyone got to do exactly what they was NICE!

After football, movie, and nap, it was time for pie. We had chocolate velvet pie, and pumpkin. The were both very delicious. Hunter chose to eat his pie with his hands like pizza.


At the end of the day Kelly was most grateful that his Broncos won!!!!

It was a lovely holiday for our family, a time to reflect and enjoy eachother's company.


dustemhenderson said...

Happy Holidays to you! Good job making the whole meal yourselves. We haven't had to do that so far--just bring our contribution to the feast. Hope you have a fun December!

Sarah Buma said...

I love it...ALL! LOVE KNOWING YOU too. If George hasn't been butchered yet, you can add that to his plume! Fun family times. Thanks for sharing. It was like a BREATH OF HEAVEN...are you SERIOUS?!

The Barker Clan said...

I don't know if I could actually make Thanksgiving dinner! Your Mom taught you so much and look at what a great mom you are! I love the turkey! That is such a great idea and it is amazing that those little minds can be so creative. We all love you and miss you being here. We didn't even get a Thanksgiving dinner this year :(