Sunday, November 8, 2009

Memories & Dreams

Do you remember growing up when the toy catalogs started coming in the mail, and it was getting close to Christmas? There was a certain magic and excitement in the air, and the dreaming began.
We received our Toys R Us catalog in the mail on Wednesday, and I think it has been read, studied, searched, and flipped at least 100 times so far. Hunter, even last night spent over 1 1/2 hours looking through it again. It has also become a good learning book as we learn about 10's and 100's and practice identifying numbers and their placements.
Hunter decided that he REALLY wants the Batcave listed for 34.99. He even cut the ad out of the magazine and has it stashed in a "secret location". He will ask Santa for it when we go to the North Pole in December. He is really excited!
It has been fun to watch the boys and see them turn the pages of these magazines over, and over. The other day I received the American Girl magazine. Can I tell you how many times I pored over this catalog from the ages of 9-15!?!?!?! I dreamed of having the dolls, the clothes, the accesories, but it was soooo expensive, I knew that I wouldn't ever get one.
It was so fun to DREAM!
This is the doll that I wanted (below) her name is Samantha. One year for Christmas I got her book collection, I am sure my Mom would have loved to have given me the doll, but on a single gals income it would have caused a financial struggle. I still have the Samantha book series and hope one day to pass them on to a daughter or a grand daughter and hopefully she will love them as much as I did.

So, as I flipped through this catalog, it was fun to think of the memories of all the times I used to look through this catalog in the "old days". Now you can buy the American Girl that looks like you, I found the one that looks like me, that was fun!
While I was sad to never get the Samantha, I got something better, I got the chance to dream.
While some of you might think I still am looking at the catalog everyday, I really only looked at it twice and then gave it to one of our friends little girls. I told her they were expensive, but it is a fun magazine to look at :)


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Hey Tammy,
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