Wednesday, September 22, 2010

While The Cat is Away.....The Mice will Play

Kelly is the BEST dad!!!! Which in turn, makes me not the COOLEST mom.
When I leave to go out of town Kelly makes the time with his boys
They do everything from going out to eat, wrestling, staying up late, ice skating, ice cream, playing video games, watching TV most of the day, etc....
The boys don't even really miss me while I'm gone because they are having a blast with a Dad who doesn't have to go to work, or do anything for that matter!!
So, in an effort to be a "cool" mom, I had a few tricks up my sleeve while Kelly was away on his hunting trip.
I sat down with the boys and made a list of what they wanted to do with me. It looked something like this:
Go to McDonald's
Rent movies from Blockbuster
Have a sleepover
Stay up late
Pizza night
Play at the park
Get ice cream from Hot Licks
Play baseball and Swords
Read LOTS of books
We accomplished ALL of these things, and had lots of fun!
But, rest assured that I am still not as much fun as their Dad!
Well, here are some pictures of our movie night.
We started off the night with a Papa Murphy's pizza, celery /carrot sticks, and some soda while we watched our Blockbuster movie. (We use Netflix so it is a novelty to go inside a building and rent a movie).
After the first movie,I took the boys twin mattresses off of thier beds and made a GIANT bed in the middle of the living room. The boys each got to choose one candy from Wal-Mart that they would like to have for the movie night.
(I chose two)
So we got jammied up and started up the next movie while we pigged out on candy and popcorn.
It was LOTS of fun! I love hanging out with just me and my guys.
We stayed up until 1:30 watching movies, it was great and we were all exhausted the next day!

We also did a little bit of creating and painting. This is the boys spaceship and Chance is disguised as an alien.

As I am typing this post, I asked Hunter if that was fun just to hang out with Mom and do soooo many fun things and he said, "Not Really!"
Oh well, I tried.

This is just an addition of a little art project that Chance and I did for Fall.

I painted a tree and then let him sponge stamp some leaves.
It turned out beautifully, and he was proud of it.
Happy Fall!


Emily Morgan said...

I bet in 10 years he will think you were the coolest mom ever! When you say jammied up...does that mean just the undies? You really are a cool mom. :)

Emily said...

Just caught up on your blog and loved every minute of it. I'm sure I will forever be in awe of all the fun things you do with your kids, even just the at home things you come up with to do. Your husband's hunting trip, disneyland,etc, and the fishing trip you took with your sister all looked amazing! I think I'm too chicken to ever get in one of those little planes, I can barely handle the big "safe" ones! And I flat out laughed at the picture of Kelly with lipstick around his eyes playing ninja's with your boys while you were away! he's a hoot!