Thursday, October 7, 2010

All Things Halloween

We have been so excited for Halloween this year!
Chance is excited about it enough for our WHOLE family.
So, as soon as the last week in September arrived.....
We decorated!
I think that the holidays are so magical for children, and the memories we make for them and with them are the ones that they will carry fondly throughout their lives.
So we do several holiday crafts together.
These little pumpkins were so simple, yet cute and something the boys could pretty much do on their own.

Chance is actually holding Hunter's and vice versa, but they had a great time regardless.

Aren't these darling? So quick and fun to make, yet add so much.
I put candles in mine so it is fun to see the little candle flicker.
I saw these on several websites, but I think the originator was

My friend Christie and I got together and with her woodcutting skills, we made these pumpkins.
I LOVE that other people have great ideas, and that they are willing to share them with people like me :)

I also took the boys pictures this fall, and got them up. I love the way the fake leaves add to the picture wall.
More Fall colors, and our Halloween book stash.
I think I need to add to the Halloween books because I am beginning to memorize the ones we have.
Last but not least, we have our "Hall of Ghosts and Bats"
The boys love this, and Chance says our house is a
Haunted House.
I am not super extravagant with my holiday decorating, but it is fun for the boys
and that is all that matters.
** You should also note that we have homemade, hand drawn, and halloween clipart
EVERYWHERE you can think of in our house.
Our own Halloween Museum of Art


Sarah Buma said...

Yes, that is all that matters. Your boys will always remember your flair and that theirs is the momma who always takes those few extra measures to make everything special.

Dendra said...

Hi Tammy, you are such a wonderful mother. You are so inspriational! Miss you guys!


Emily said...

Tammy, you're such a fun crafty mom! I especially love the votives, I should try those! I need to be better about making those fun memories for and with my kids, it's true what you say-those ARE the things they remember...

Carrie Paternoster said...

You're such a fun Mom Tammy. Your kids will remember all those fun things you've done for them. They will look back at their childhood with smiles. You inspire me!