Monday, November 1, 2010

Buckets of Fun!

**NOTE** This is a Halloween post, however our Alaskan Halloween is different than most of your "lower 48" Halloween as we have SNOW and it is usually in the upper teens or low -20's temperature wise.
This is my good man Hunter shoveling the porches and steps. This is one of his school year chores.
We did several different holiday crafts.
Here Chance is doing a "stuffed pumpkin" he made a really cool Jack o' Lantern face on it.
Hunter did a fall leaf tree.
They are both very artistic!
Hunter was very particular about his branches. He also made sure to include some piles of dog poop at the base of the tree :)
The Wednesday before Halloween was our preschool party day.
Chance was Yoda and Hunter was Obi Wan for part of the day and Plo Koon for the other part of the day.
They were able to fit in a little bit of Light Saber practice before we left the house.
(notice Hunter's beard)
Thursday night we did our pumpkin carving. Chance was on my team and said he wanted to carve Yoda into his pumpkin. So....we did it, and he liked it!
Three year olds are so forgiving with a mother's artistic abilities.
Hunter and Kelly did a more complicated pattern called
"ichabod's fate"
Good thing there weren't too many seeds....we may have been there all night.
Chance loved to pull the seeds out.

Hunter was sure to get Dad to be his helper. Hunter is old enough to know that I am not cool or talented artistically.

Chance and I were a good team. Notice him hanging onto my arm while pushing the knife in :)
OOeey GoOey Seeds and GuTS

Master Yoda

Master Yoda and his "pig nosed" football helmeted carver.
This kid is somethin' else!
For lunch on Friday we decided to have my friends and their kids over for lunch.
(The kids who are my boys' age are girls. Hunter and Chance aren't big fans of having "THE GIRLS" over, but they put up with it.)
So, I have always wanted to do a really fun themed lunch.
So, we had:
Bones and Blood (Breadsticks shaped like bones w/marinara sauce)
Monster Jaws (Apple quarters with eyes and teeth)
Mummy Dogs (Hot dogs with crescent roll strips wrapped around them)
Ghosts in the Graveyard (cupcakes with nutter butters frosted to look like ghosts)
Witches Fingers (string cheese with knuckles and sliced almonds for fingernails)
Bats Blood (Apple Cranberry juice) thanks Lora
Skeleton (Veggies shaped into a skeleton) thanks Peggy
Saige, Ali, and Julia

Hunter, Chance, and Evelyn
Chance, Peggy in back w/Elias, Evelyn, Saige, Lora w/Hayden
Friday night was the ward party, and it was lots of fun. Hunter especially liked this game where you could throw a wet sponge at the guy poking his face through a piece of wood.
So, if you couldn't tell, we went with a Star Wars theme for our costumes this year. I was Aayla Secura, Chance was Yoda, and Hunter was Obi Wan/Plo Koon (can't wear a mask at church) and Kelly was a Jedi/Kit Fisto (can't wear a mask at church or work)
Kelly came to the church party after this picture was taken, but he was there and we won the family costume award!
All my sewing paid off :)
My little YODA love his green face and kept asking if it was still there.
At the party we played games and went trunk or treating. The boys thought that the trunk or treat was the greatest thing ever and couldn't believe how much candy they got.
(Good thing they have small bags to carry their candy in, because then it looks like a lot)

We didn't trick or treat on Sunday, but our land lord wanted to see our costumes, so we took the opportunity to dress up again and Kelly and Hunter could wear thier masks.
This is our fabulous Halloween picture 2010


Emily Morgan said...

I can't wait to show this to the boys...they will be so excited! You did a good job, mom. :)

Chelsea said...

LOVE IT!! The costumes turned out great. I love the yoda "hat".
So fun!

Emily said...

So your amazing halloween themed lunch?! Maybe some, just one day even, I'll have as much energy/motivation as you! I love it! And you guys will die laughing 20+years down the road at your Halloween 2010 shot! Can't wait to see it pop up in your 50th wedding anniversary slideshow! You're family is too fun. And BTW I almost peed myself reading through and laughing at your "kids say the darndest things" side bar. Crotch Roast?! I can barely type, I'm laughing so hard!