Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Birthday to Remember

I knew a surprise was coming my way when Kelly asked me who TWO of my friends from our ward were. I told him a few options, and then I knew he made a couple of phone calls. I had 5 days of anticipation and suspense to see what he was planning.
Well, he planned a GREAT afternoon for my friends Courtney, Emily and I. We showed up at a VERY nice day spa, here in Fairbanks and he snuck (with a cooler and a laundry basket covered with a table cloth) back into the back area of the spa. When my friends and I walked back there, this is what we found. A DELUXE spread of fruits, nuts, chocolate dipped strawberries, supreme brownie bites, and a cooler full of fruity drinks and waters.

Of course he brought enough food to feed an army, and we didn't even come close to consuming all of it, but boy I felt like a queen for the day. The reason he set up for us to come to the spa is for each of us to have a pedicure and manicure.

Emily is going to hate me for putting this picture up, but after I took pictures of the food I forgot to take anymore pictures. So, I hurried and snapped this picture of Emily while she was finishing up. (She really is a darling girl, so don't be confused by the blurry picture).

This was the pedicure chair, pretty nice huh?
Another blurry picture taken after the fact.

On my REAL birthday we had Hunter skip preschool and we all went cross country skiing. It was the first time for the boys and the 3rd or 4th time for Kelly and I.

Hunter was a pro and LOVED it!

Chance was really good too, but was tired out pretty quickly.

After skiing, we went to wrestling and then came home and had a little dessert. (Kelly's embarrassed that I didn't have him make a cake or something, but I told him icecream sounded good. So, I got a #3 and two individual candles to represent my 32 years.

It was a fun couple of days for me. Kelly is a very thoughtful planner and gift giver.
I am lucky to have him, and I think he likes to spoil me- it's

Happy Birthday to Me!

If anyone is interested, my sister (step-sister) Emily did this funny post with TERRIBLE old pictures from the past.

Here's the link:


Emily said...

It was definitely a birthday to remember and it wasn't even mine! I loved it!

And the pic? um ya not my best, but then when do I ever take a good picture?!

Your sisters ode to tammy was so great, your pictures are almost as good as mine! Maybe I'll post some of me for my 30th birthday... :0)!

(could I use any more exclamation points in my writing!!!!! apparently yes)

Los Briners said...

How fun. Looks like there are some good times happening in Alaska.

Lora said...

You are the most creative amazing mom ever and I had no idea it was your birthday. I'm sorry for being such a horrible friend! I loved your St. Patty's meal, again amazing, and good job on skiing. We should get the fams together and go sometime, next year right, because this snow is for sure on it's way out! I hope we can catch up soon!