Friday, March 18, 2011

Day of Green

On the 15th of March, in anticipation for the upcoming holiday, the boys collected several of their toys that had green on them so the leprechaun could see all the wonderful
Chance gets really excited about any and all holidays. In fact, he started combining birthday party with St. Patrick's Day.
(He is wearing a b-day hat from his cousin Turner's party- that Aunt Chelsea sent to us from Idaho)
Hunter always cracks me up with his unbuttoned jammy shirts. Now all he needs is a few black chest hairs poking out :)
On the morning of the 17th, we awoke to Lucky Charms on the table, and a trail of shamrocks leading us to the Magic Treasure Box which is full of LOTS of GREEN things.

This year the trail of the leprechaun led to the fridge, where they found the box full of things like Key Lime Pie yogurt, Pringles, green frog pens, green post it notes, green shirts for each boy, and green notebooks. It was funny because after they found the box in the fridge Chance was looking for candy hidden in the living room. (Again combining holidays Easter/St. Patrick's Day this time).
Here is Hunter modeling his new green shirt. He decided he wanted to look pretty nice so he tucked in his shirt and wore a belt. What a guy!!
Chance was really stuck on the idea of eating only green things, so lets just say he ate LOTS of Sugar Snap Peas.
At dinner time, Chance decided it would be appropriate to finally put on his new green shirt for our annual Green Dinner.
Dinner was super yummy! We had Shrimp Alfredo with Green pasta. (Sauce and Noodles were dyed green), and then we had LOTS of Green broccoli and some carrots mixed in. For a drink I colored some lemonade green, and then for dessert everyone had their very own.......
It is always a fun day for the


Emily Morgan said...

I hope the pasta tasted better than it looked. :) The boys look so handsome in green...

Emily said...

I swear you out do yourself every time! I thought I was doing pretty good with green milk and green eggs and ham with some irish music in the background...not so! Those pots of gold are perfect I should try that next year. You know what I'm gonna do? Call you a week or so before every upcoming holiday, find out what you're doing, and just copy you! Seriously!