Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Momma Llama's 57th Birthday

Hard to believe my Mom would be 57 this year- oh how I wish she were here.

We've missed a lot of fun years- but I am thankful for GREAT memories!

These pictures are a random compilation of her younger years, but they are so fun, so I thought they would be fun to share.I think of my Mom multiple times everyday- often it is while I am doing "motherly" things like laundry, dishes, making dinner, or reading stories.

I wish I could tell her how grateful I was for her and for all she did and the sacrifices she made in behalf of her children. Sometimes you don't realize how much someone is doing for you when you are young. Now that I am the Mom, I know how much work it is-- and I don't even have an "outside" job or college courses to add to the work load. She must have been exhausted.

Maybe I have blocked it out, but I don't ever remember hearing her complain too much about how much there was to do. She always made time to spend with her kids and family, because that was a priority.
Often, there would be dishes overflowing both sides of the sink and onto the counter, work to be done, but she would read a story, or snuggle on the couch, or just visit with us about our day. Because we were more important!
My Mom always made the most simple things lots of fun! Like pizza and movie night- It was tradition to lay a sheet on the living room floor and have Shasta Soda, Pizza, and carrot and celery sticks while we watched a Friday or Saturday night movie. Sometimes she would even let us pull out the hide-a-bed and have a sleepover.

Holidays were special and Mom always did the homemade jammies for Christmas Eve, or new Christmas or Easter dress. It was special and we knew it- and we knew she loved us because she took the time to add her special touch.

She was a thoughtful gift-giver. I loved opening presents from my Mom. She would always listen and watch and see what we were interested in before birthdays or Christmas. Or, she just knew us so well, that whe knew what we would enjoy (most of the time). I always was excited and could hardly wait to see what surprises she worked up for us.

(I still love surprises!!)

My mom loved animals, and let my brothers have all sorts of creatures. We had rats, dogs, cats, lizards, chickens, frogs, tadpoles, fish, and I don't know what else at different points in our childhood. She was really good that way- she never could understand why I didn't LOVE animals, especially when it came so naturally for her.

(I'm working on this now that I have boys and a husband who love animals)

My Mom was one special lady!!! I can't wait to see her again, but for now I try to incorporate the lessons she taught through example into my life. I try to love more, give more, and care less about the things that just don't matter in the eternal scheme of things.

Happy 57th to my dear Momma Llama!


Emily Morgan said...

Happy Birthday Natalie! You are so beautiful in all of those pictures! I guess that's where your children get their good looks. :) You were a fabulous mom (even to those of us who weren't your kids). Miss you!

The Barker Clan said...

Happy Birthday Natalie! You raised some amazing kids and I am blessed to be able to call them my brothers and sister. Tammy, you look so much like your mom. I didn't notice it till I was looking at some pictures of her as a kid. You are also a wonderful mother and your kids are going to know Momma Llama through you. You know she is smiling down as she watches you!

debbie said...

Tammy, I had those same kind of snake eye glasses as your mom did in some of those pictures. I guess that's why we are friends! Thanks for the sweet tribute to your mom; I love how you love her.

Emily said...

This was very touching Tammy! I wish I could have met her, if she's anything like you (and I'm positive she is) she must be a tremendous lady and friend! I know you miss her just as I would every single day...