Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lots to Show and Tell

I have a lot of catching up to do. I always put off my blogging because it takes so darn long for the pictures to upload- and then I end up with a ton of pictures so it literally takes days to get a blog put together. Oh, how I dream of living somewhere (in Fairbanks) where I can get this done in less than a day.

So, this blog entry is composed of March 2011- May 2011.

Sopmewhere in the middle of March we took the boys down to Anchorage and Wasilla and theHunter competed in his first wrestling tournament. He had a lot of HEART, but didn't come out on top. It was a great experience.

Chance isn't old enough to compete yet, so he just wrestled friends in the group of wrestlers. He was particularly embarrassed that he got pinned by a 5 year old girl- we still tease him about it.


debbie said...

Did I miss those wild haircuts on the boys?? Random pictures but fun to finally see a post. I kept thinking you would put something on about the fishing trip!

Emily said...

Thanks for sharing the fun pictures. The one showing Kelly and his big bowl of cereal cracked me up because Dustin does the same thing. The cereal bowls and too small for him so he goes for my mixing bowls :)

Emily Morgan said...

Chickens! Mowhawks! Painting! Too much fun...where is the mommy?