Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Too Good Not to Share

Last night I made a lovely dinner of herb baked salmon, a plentiful garden salad, corn, and some delicious oatmeal pumpkin cookies.

I intended for our meal to take less than a 1/2 hour to eat, because it usually does. However, the canned corn was a showstopper. We rarely eat corn- so it is kind of a treat if you will. There was all sorts of talk and commotion at the table about these kernals of corn. The corn transformed into pirate teeth, children's lost teeth, the tooth fairy, captain hook, tinker bell. Let's just say it was funny, but dinner took FOREVER and we were kinda in a hurry.

Finally, we got most everyone's food down them and we cleared plates. Hunter scraped his own food into the garbage can, but most of it ended up on the floor. (?) Chance finished all of his but a few kernals of corn that I asked him to throw away while I finished cleaning up. We finally got out of the house to go do our errands, and then we got home late.

After we arrived home, we scurried upstairs to tuck kids in bed. Hunter was exhausted and quickly got dressed and under his covers. Chance on the other hand tends to lollygag, and so he was doing his usual. Then he started in for no reason on how everyone hates him. I of course reminded him how much we love him, and that no one hates him and that he is such a special little guy. I said, "Why would anyone hate you?" He marched over to his pillow and lifted it up. Underneath was the said pile of corn kernals from dinner that he supposedly "threw away". I looked at him and said, "Why did you put those under your pillow silly?" He looked at me and said, "I was trying to trick the tooth fairy!!"

I LOVE IT! You can't beat the funny thoughts and ideas of a four year old :)

Stay tuned, I will have an exciting announcement soon.


Chelsea said...

SO FUNNY! Leave it the Chance to think he could trick the tooth fairy!

Katie Bell said...

At least he showed you the corn...??!!

Emily Morgan said...

boys are so funny!

Emily said...

Your kids say the BEST things! Especially that Chance! Was there a pile of money this morning? ;0) Can't wait to hear the announcement soon, I have lots of 0-3 months clothes for either gender that I would be happy to give you. (hoping for pink though!)

debbie said...

What a ray of hope in my life in darkest Africa! I love Chance and his funny ways. I am picturing him as a teenager; frightening. Sister Osborn