Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Day and 20 Weeks More

We had a lovely Thanksgiving this year and we DO have LOTS to be Thankful for!

We are blessed to be able to celebrate in a "NEW" house this year, and we are all healthy and happy.

We started off the day with a new tradition. Hold on to your seats, 'cause we ate PIE for BREAKFAST!!!

We had some friends in Bethel who had this tradition, and we decided it was time for us to adopt the same idea. I mean, you go to all the work of making the pies only to have your tummy too full to be able to enjoy them. Why not start the day off the RIGHT way.

This year I told the boys they were each in charge of helping and learning with one food item. They both chose to help with pie. So, Chance was my pumpkin pie maker and Hunter was my Alaskan Blueberry pie helper. They both did great and are pretty good in the kitchen.

So, here is Chance in his jammies enjoying his own creation.

Kelly gave his approval for pie in the morning.
Hunter said the blueberry was berry delicious. Those blueberries just stained everyone's mouth that they touched. They were well worth it!

Two Cute Boys

Enjoying the FEAST! The boys both begged for drumsticks, so they got them.

Kelly made the MOST wonderful mashed potatoes.

Chance and I even made some cute place markers for the table.

Gertrude, our gratitude turkey looks like she is lacking some feathers this year. Due to the move and the busy-ness of it all, we got a late start. She still looks good though!

Last but not least, here is my first pregnancy picture. I am exactly 20 weeks in this picture. So...I have 20 weeks left.

And we are having a GIRL!


swtelford said...

Hey! Congrats on the baby news!! Sooo exciting!!

Sarah Buma said...

These smiles are making me miss you (and, a little hungry.)