Monday, January 9, 2012

Scenes from Christmas (and a few from before and after too)

December was a really fun month for us! We were finally feeling like we were really moved in and settled in our new home- so it was more relaxed than it has been the last couple of months.

It was also REALLY cold (surprise) outside for most of the month, in fact it was so cold that we couldn't even play outside too much. Hunter hardly had recess the days he was in school because any colder than -20 (yes that is negative twenty) they won't let them go outside.

Hunter was BIGTIME into playing board/card games this last month and couldn't get enough. So much so, that after he whipped the pants off of whomever he was playing (mom) he kept playing and said he was playing the "computer". In fact, one day he had a buddy over and they started playing and game and didn't have time to finish, so Hunter gladly played both players :)

Funny Kid!

In making sure we were properly bundled to run out to the bus, I got a little carried away one day and didn't catch on quickly to the fact that my poor little kindergarten boy couldn't see anything. We laughed pretty hard about that one.

What would the month of December be in North Pole without a trip to visit Santa Claus. He was as jolly as ever, and so happy to see us. Hunter asked for a Tebow (Denver Broncos) jersey, and Chance asked for a helicopter, tank, and a cemetary. ( I guess the boy knows that w
ar seems to end with death.)
I had to take a picture of Hunter in the washing machine. He and some friends were playing hide and seek and he had THE BEST hiding spot ever. (Of course he kept the door open, so all was safe.) But, he came up with the idea on his own.

I believe on this day it was only -14, so we decided to go out and shovel the walk to our front door, and while doing so we discovered that this cool shovel worked as a sled as well. The boys took turns riding down the driveway as well as me pushing them around the front walk.

We do own a sled, but this was just as much fun and already outside!

Hunter was a good sport and took quite a few turns pushing Chance around.

For those of you who were interested, here is our home and we are so grateful to be in it.

An all to RARE occurance, the boys and Kelly were watching some Military channel and Chance just cozied right up and fell asleep on Kelly's shoulder.

Geek-a-rama arrived at our house just in time to bake sugar cookies at our house. Neither of the boys were super excited about mixing and cutting out the cookies, but Marianne was a good sport anyhow.

It was fun to have a staircase to display Christmas cards this year.

Although this isn't a good picture, I found a cute idea in a Christmas book of tying bows and then at the bottom of the ribbon hanging a large Christmast ornament. It looked great in this big front room window.

We always love the smell of the cinnamon pinecones, so I transformed this basket with bows and red lights and it looked so festive and beautiful especially at night. The boys always made sure it was turned on.

I always love this nativity, to remind us of why we celebrate.

I loved that I could do some "garland" this year. I looked for some beautiful greenery, but it all looked too cheap, unless it was too expensive. :)

Decorating sugar cookies.

I think we all ate our weight in cookies that night, but boy it was fun!

Christmas Eve brought a yummy dinner, new jammy pants from Grandma Lillian and

DRUMROLL..... a Tebow Jersey from Mom and Dad!

Look at the excitement!!!

Chancey was less thrilled than Hunter, but still trying to hold back a grin.


Christmas morning brought a crossbow and lots of games for this guy.

Kids on Christmas morning are so much fun!

Chance's wishes were all granted. Notice the cemtary on the back of the chair.

Santa worked some spray paint magic!

The helicopter is worth its weight in gold.

Our last Christmas as a family of four

Geek is one special lady to these two boys.

Geek gave the boys each a pair of night vision spy goggles.

They look pretty cool!

Last but not least, I made time for a few "fun" projects to add to our Christmas decor.

The first was a pillow that I saw a picture of on a pattern website. I'm too cheap to buy the kit, so I invented my own. I think it turned out cute.

I also finished this project. It was all done, it just needed to be sewn together and stuffed.

*Just to let you know- I did the front of this pillow in 2003. RIDICULOUS!!*

But, it is super cute, made out of felted wool and I'm glad I have it done.

We had a fabulous Christmas and month of December- hope you did too!


Katie Bell said...

Yay! I love your blog posts. I'm taking inventory of all the good ideas of what to get a boy for Christmas, looks like you have it figured out.

debbie said...

I LOVE YOUR KITCHEN!! So happy you have more room to create. I got a little tingle in my tummy seeing the family picture; maybe it was in my heart not my tummy!