Monday, January 7, 2013

A Few Christmas Pictures (after Christmas too)

We mostly took video of our Christmas this year, so this is all I have to share from my camera.
Oh well we will just share a few highlights
 Hunter got a microscope and some rockets
 Chance got a Navy Seals Boat and a pirate ship
 Natalie officially started crawling on Christmas Day
 The boys got their new jammies from Grandma Lillian (moose themed)
 and they thought they should do a few tricks in them.
 I went to go purchase a cute Hallmark ornament for Natalie's first Christmas ornament only to find that the Hallmark store no longer exists.  So, I saw this cute ornament on pinterest, so this is what she ended up with...
 a cute little snow girl.
Also, just in the nick of time (Christmas Eve) I finished Natalie's stocking.  Although, I think I should change her smile to have red lips and I think I will have her hold a bell or something.  I will worry about that next year.  At least I got it done :)  It was a nice Christmas and so much fun to have kids that are so excited about  traditions and fun.

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