Monday, January 7, 2013

Nine Months Old

Nine Months already!  Boy is she sweet!  She woke up this morning and her diaper had leaked a little bit, so since I had to change her onesie anyhow, I decided I may as well put the "9 months" onesie on and take pictures first thing today.
 Natalie is so much fun for everyone, the boys just can't seem to get enough of her.
She has 6 teeth with two more on their way, she usually gets up 1-2 times at night and goes right back to sleep.  She still loves food and eats quite a bit.  She really loves to use her little hands and feed herself. 
She started officially crawling on Christmas Day which was pretty fun for us- quite the present!  So, now she is trucking all over the place- and we have to keep the floors spic and span or she will eat whatever she finds.

 Natalie loves bathtime and especially loves to have the rag in her mouth at all times.  She also loves knocking any shampoo or soap bottle down into the water.  It is a chore just to keep bottles from hitting her on the head and then trying to put them back on the side of the tub.  You think I would learn by now that I should just move all the bottles.

Natalie lights up when Mom or Dad walk into the room.  Sometimes she pretends to be shy around Kelly, but it only lasts for a few minutes.
We still love her to pieces, and we are glad to have her as part of our fam.