Sunday, March 10, 2013

In Other News...

Here are a few random things that our family has done this month...

The boys decided it would be silly to see if they could fit into Natalie's diapers- so yes, I put diapers on them.  It was very funny and we were laughing pretty hard as they were running around the house in dipes.
 I'm so glad I don't have to change the diapers on these big boys!
 Valentine's For Mom-  Kelly had the kids each give me a handful of my favorite...
Tulips- so sweet.
 I made double decker heart pancakes for breakfast, pink and purple of course.
 We also found this strange web footed creature in our house.
I love this guy-- he's always got something new up his sleeve.
 Time for Chickens!!
 Kelly built a brooder box for our baby chicks- that we just got.
Chance got to choose the color of paint at Home Depot- and everyone got to paint.
The chicks arrived safely and are happy in their new home.
 Natalie got to help paint too- her jammies are now pink AND blue.
 We had some visitors- of the four legged variety.
I was watching TV and Kelly was in the office when I heard some noises outside.  I thought maybe it was some crazy person hunting Kelly down from the pharmacy.  So, I quickly got him and we turned off all of the lights in the house so we could see outside.  Sure enough, we saw something.  I yelled for Kelly to "get down, they are going to shoot", he just kept going closer towards the window.  I of course was yelling, "get down, what are you doing!?!"  But, then he notified me that it was the two moose that have been roaming the neighborhood.  The moose were cool, but I was just glad we didn't get shot at!!
 Hunter got to dress up for Wacky Day at school.  He had his clothes, INSIDE OUTSIDE UPSIDE DOWN!  He has so much fun participating in the school spirit days.

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Katie Bell said...

Hooray for chickens! What breeds did you get?