Friday, April 5, 2013

Our Life In Pictures

 Natalie's Easter Surprises
 We Found Some Eggs
 We ate some PEEPS
 Then we kicked back and relaxed

 April Fools- Nothing like some MAN SIZED Breakfast!!

 We blew bubbles to Natalie in the tub

 Chance even caught some bubbles and showed them to "Nattles"
 Pretty Baby
 Eating her Easter Bunny
 Learning to stand
 and showing off a little
 So BIG!


Emily Morgan said...

So fun! I'm guessing you made the super cute Easter baskets...they look great! I love that giant tub! and the kids in side were pretty cute, too. What a fun month! No birthday pictures of Momma McGee? Love you!

Jamie Hatch said...

love the man sized breakfast, what a fun idea!

Katie Bell said...

Blowing bubbles in the bath is the best idea ever....and as everyone knows, Natalie is beautiful.