Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Little Love for Everyone

Here is a lovely plate of Valentine cookies for everyone to share....
go ahead, have one!
(Decorated by Hunter. He is especially proud of the one with all the conversation hearts "standing up".
We decided to have some friends from our ward come over and decorate cookies with us. We had fun and got MESSY!

Last year we started a Valentine's Day Tradition. We all get four hearts, one to represent each person in the family. I write on each heart, "I love (name) because..." and then at the bottom, "Love (name)" And on the heart for each person representing themselves it says, " I am loveable because..." It is fun to see what is written and what Hunter comes up with. Of course we "help" Chance with his. Each year I save the hearts and so this year we have double the hearts to hang up on our walls. I hope to continue this tradition in our family and watch how our love develops for one another. Here is what the wall looks like this year.

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The Barker Clan said...

Again, you are amazing! You are so creative and have made some wonderful traditions for your family. Tell Hunter his cookies turned out great. We just got ours done and they weren't near as cute. Love you! How is the new place?