Monday, August 24, 2009

This One Can Go In The Record Books!!

It was a nice peaceful Sunday evening. Chance was tired for lack of nap, so while we waited for the lasagna to cook, I let him take a little rest on me. It was sweet and SWEATY!
Chance is a HOT sleeper.
It was nice to have some quiet time together before this happened.........
Yes, look at that!!!! One big whoppin' goose egg!!

It looks like he has an extra piece of bone on his head from this view.

So, here is the story. Chance and Hunter were playing superheroes. Chance was spiderman, with a cool outfit and mask on. Well, Chance was running full speed ahead into his bedroom when he tripped over the legs of the costume (it is too big for him), and slid into the leg of the bed, right on the corner.
Kelly was in the room when it happened, but thought that he just bonked his head a little bit, but when the cries came out they proved to be something more than a little bonk. Kelly took of the mask, and it was AMAZING! Really, we have never seen someone's head get so big, so fast.
It was really so sad!
Later, after he calmed down and rested for a minute we took him to the bathroom mirror so he could see the damage. The look on his face was PRICELESS! It was the "Oh my word, I am so embarrased by this huge knot on my head, what am I going to do? There is no way I can go out in public" sort of look. He really looked disgusted with himself.
He looked up from the mirror still mad and we smiled and he started laughing, and looking in the mirror some more.
He seems to have recovered okay. He points at it and touches it occasionally, it really is still quite big. And I really do think this one is for the record books!


Christy briner said...

From Grandma, that makes my head hurt just looking at it. Boys!

The Barker Clan said...

That is awful! He is going to be such a tough kid :) Goose eggs are the worst because you never know when to be concerned and take them to the doctor. Glad he is o.k.!

Lindsey said...

Oh my heck. . .my mom just kept saying that I needed to come check out the picture of Chance's head. Oh, made my head hurt just looking at it. Poor kid!

Sarah Buma said...

Oh NO!!! SORRY CHANCE! Maren and Cameron were playing, "I Am 16, going on 17..." from the Sound of Music, that they'd just watched with me. He takes her by both hands in a we're-in-love-and-going-to-get-married-when-we-grow-up twirl. He whips her around and she launches into a corner and bam...same thing. She had 2 shiners and that SAME protruding mass on her noggin! The pictures are worth taking, but it did take my breath away as I gasped until there was no more air in the room! SORRY CHANCE!