Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter....Sweet, Sweet Easter

We kicked off Easter week by making these cute little bunnies out of a pair of my socks.
We found the idea in Family Fun Magazine, and thought it was doable.
The insides are pinto beans! So, if you ever need a bite to eat......
We had fun choosing ribbon for their ties, and what size eyes each of the boys wanted their bunnies to have.
Kelly found a cool easter egg dye kit with superheroes. The boys were so excited to dye the eggs and then put their favorite superheroes on the eggs. However, the darn stickers wouldn't work. Their were no directions and we were too silly to figure it out.
So, it was a little disappointing but we had fun anyway.

Hunter did a lot of testing and mixing of colors. He is my scientist.

Notice the sloshes of dye on the table.
Maybe he is a "messy scientist"!

Easter morning was really lovely. Conference starts at 8 am in Alaska, so all I can say is how grateful I am for the DVR. The boys came into our room around 8 or so and we layed in bed discussing the meaning of Easter and remembering the FHE lesson we had earlier in the week. The boys were really good to remember why we have Easter.
They both decided to get dressed before they did the hunt. They came out and saw a few little superhero gifts that the bunny left for them, and then we let them have at it.
It is so much fun to watch these little guys.

"Hmmm...there should be an egg back here somewhere!"


They did pretty well if you ask me. It's a good thing they did because those eggs provided, breakfast, lunch, snacks and then we ate a sensible dinner around4:30. Of course that sensible dinner was followed by more candy for dessert! YIKES!!

We had our friends The Harrison's over for the afternoon session of conference and Easter dinner. It was a nice day for all!


Emily Morgan said...

You are such a super-fabulous mom! I love the sock bunnies. :) What are you growing in the trays? Looks like a garden in the making. Your boys are getting so big...we miss you!

Sarah Buma said...

Everything you do is over the top amazing. So BE NICE TO THE MOMMY in your house. She's doing a good job! :)